Getting in Touch With Your Feelings Through Music, Other Arts and Animals

As far as feelings, narcissistic behavior is the lack of emotional expression as a child that causes one to turn inward to gain approval. Everyone who, as a baby or small child, does not receive a show of love from the environment will tend to do this. Narcissism would be the extreme examples of this behavior. Narcissists have only feelings about themselves. One premise of the way out of narcissistic behavior is that the person is not in touch with his own feelings therefore can’t identify with feelings of others. I would recommend using animals for the first break-through into experiencing one’s own feelings. A person can relate his own feelings and emotions more quickly to an animal if he is still immersed in animal-based brain activity and this is where you will find narcissists operating from – animal-based brain activity. I would suggest that all those in orphanages and foster care home and even some who are hospitalized for long periods, be allowed their own pet. Animals can become the greatest healers of mankind because they can help raise the consciousness level of those still operating in third dimensional thought.

All Arts Are Good For Expressing Feelings
For the most part, one can get in touch with his own feelings through any of the creative arts. Music, writing and works of art, often in combination with each other will allow one to get in touch with feelings. An excellent way to get in touch with one’s own feelings is through the arts. The arts as a release and expression of the soul are very necessary for a well-balanced entity. Not just art for art’s sake; it must be drawn from the very being of the artist. It must have meaning to the one who is expressing – a meaning in a very personal way for that one. Therefore, it will not be quantity of artistic pursuits that will count, but quality. There must be no attempt to see who can put out the most paintings in the fastest time, or even which painting is the best as far as perfection goes.

The important thing will be the emotion captured in the painting, and how it relates to the artist’s personal feelings. Say if one absolutely disliked horses, he could still paint a picture-perfect horse, but it would be cold and meaningless to those looking at it. Another who loved horses could paint a not-so-good picture of the same horse and yet capture the feeling of love for the animal in every brush stroke.

The same will be true for performance on musical instruments, singing, dance and theater. It will not be the perfection of performances, but rather the feeling conveyed by that performance. Did it come through as fake, or did it shine with the light of a true reflection of one’s soul? This must be thoroughly understood by anyone who would attempt to teach in a Chrysalis Experimental School based on bringing the arts back into education.

Dance is an excellent area to express feelings through. One needs to have no formalized training to express through dance although, as with all art, extra training will release the expression of the Creator seven-fold. Dancing is a natural expression for the physical body. It has healing properties that are not available through any of the other arts, because of the involvement of all parts of the body. The rhythm of the dance is soothing massage for the internal organs, allowing them to relax and reducing the stress on them. It stretches all muscles, which in turn cradle the bone structure more easily as though oiling the joints. At the same time dance feeds the emotional body by allowing free expression of the soul, a releasing of emotional tension that is very beneficial to the total well-being of the person. It can also enter the mental realm when it is set to the structure of interpreting a musical composition. The different movements then need to have careful planning and calculations, bringing the mind into play so the dance fits the composition. Dance is also very spiritual when it expresses the elements of nature through such movements as wind, fire, storms, or even volcanic eruptions.

Writing is usually the best way to get in touch with your feelings because everyone can accomplish this at some level or other. Also, when the process of writing is taking place the section of the brain where the easiest entry into other dimensions of the mind occurs is relaxed and loose. This allows more ease of entry into these other dimensions enabling higher thought to influence the writing being done. This is why so many people have their first breakthrough into the creative channel while writing. Other stages of the arts, such as music and painting require a different process of concentration and are especially good for someone who has already made the first breakthrough.

After a period of writing and perhaps drawing, I would suggest the theater as probably the next most important tool for getting in touch with one’s own feelings. One learns to put himself into the role he is portraying. This allows him to express emotions as though coming from this other character, but once these emotions are touched, even though in a false role, these emotions are more readily accessible to the real person. They will realize that all humans have these same emotions only they are triggered by different circumstances.

Reflection, Meditation and Visualization
A structured process of reflection, meditation and visualization as an integrated program could then follow this period of theater. For instance, when going to bed at night the day’s events are reviewed and one event will seem to come to mind that leaves a feeling of uneasiness or an unfinished feeling to it. This is what you reflect on while drifting off to sleep. In the morning this is the subject of your meditation. After meditating, you would use a visualization technique to implant a picture in your mind as to how the incident could have turned out with a better ending for all, an ending that would have left you with a feeling of satisfaction or of being finished. The opportunity may never come again to change the original situation, but when a similar one comes along, you will handle it the new way because of this training experience.

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