Heart Chakra is a Transformer

The chakras in the human being will follow a pattern of the three lower chakras and the three higher chakras needing to have the middle chakra as the transformer. This would be the heart chakra.

For instance, say one chose to have a strong solar plexus and a strong crown chakra. These two chakras would eventually start demanding that this one form a personal universe that would satisfy the energy coming from both of these chakras. Therefore, this person would have a struggle with duality. As the heart chakra opened wider and the person’s personal universe became more all encompassing, instead of a very limited personal universe, this person would find himself communicating and wanting to communicate with many other people. If one stunts the growth of their personal universe they will be canceling out and defeating their goals for the incarnation.

An example of the heart as a transformer would be as follows: the heart transforming the power of the root chakra, which is a sense of will, drive and power indicating a personal desire to grow and be independent, can be transformed through various forms of training. This training will allow one to have this strength coupled with the emotional feelings that will allow one to find his own inner peace with all others. This is good to ease one’s turmoil. It can help one gain great strength of character. This is very advanced work.

As the heart chakra opens, it becomes stronger as a transformer thereby enabling the throat chakra to start working in combination with the root chakra allowing a person to express their goals. The transformer then begins allowing the third eye to intertwine with the sacral plexus and allows their creativity to be visualized and realized, and the transforming wonders of the heart chakra then would allow the crown chakra and the solar plexus to combine very strongly. When the heart chakra becomes very activated, the person has the ability to reach and communicate with other kingdoms and opens up even more doors to wisdom and knowledge.

This growth – the wide opening of the heart chakra – must take place to enlarge each one’s personal universe. One must keep growing and expanding, in their thoughts if nothing more, to have this expansion of their personal universe take place. One cannot simply close oneself off from the rest of humanity and have a very narrow personal universe or they will never fully be able to access the powerhouse combination of the third and seventh chakra.

The Heart Chakra’s Influence on Other Chakras
The following is a review of the levels of the heart chakra (posted earlier) and how they are tied to the levels of other chakras that it influences:
Level 1 – Awareness of being only half of the soul on the earth – influences level 4 of chakras 1 & 2.
Level 2 – Knowing there is help for us from an unseen source – influences level 4 of chakras 1 & 2.
Level 3 – Acknowledging Higher authority (took the form of God) – influences level 5 of chakras 1 & 2.
Level 4 – Realization that God will be found inside our own mind – influences level 6 of 1st 4 chakras.
Level 5 – Able to be in communication with other half of soul – influences level 7 of 1 & 4 chakras.
Level 6 – Raise consciousness & take responsibility for ourselves– influences level 8 of chakras 3 & 4.
Level 7 – Wanting to help & teach others what we have discovered – influences level 9 of chakras 3 & 4.
Level 8 – Realization that we are all one – unconditional love – influences level 10 of chakras 3 & 4.
Level 9 – Spiritual Leader – Able to command a spiritual following – influences level 11 of chakras 3 & 4.
Level 10 – Spiritual Prophet – Ability to bring in new teachings – influences level 12 of chakras 3 & 4.
Level 11- Spiritual Master – Ability to teach new teachings.
Level 12 – Spiritual Messiah – Ability to teach new teachings and also command a following.

When the heart chakra is open, it’s difficult to focus on any areas of life on the earth plane other than that of relationships with other people. If an entity decides to have a goal such as helping humanity with energy resources, having the heart chakra open would be disastrous as they would not be able to perform the necessary actions to progress their goal.

The heart chakra is extremely important to be open in one whose main goal is to work with people as an analyst, as a compassionate teacher or as a healer. In any of the areas working directly with the individual the heart chakra would be one that was chosen to be open. (That is, if the entity had progressed this far, and the entity must have progressed this far or he/she would not be setting a goal such as this.) You see, when you have reached a certain stage in evolution, you choose what chakras you care to work through in any particular lifetime in order to achieve your goals.

The heart chakra being open does not necessarily mean that one will be able to use gifts any more wisely. As a matter of fact, it quite often works against the wise use if it’s not balanced properly by the crown chakra. If you get one, for instance, with the heart chakra and the sixth chakra open but not the seventh, you have an unwise soul. There is no balance. They are all wrapped up their own relationship with other people (and most often with the opposite sex) and they are using every psychic means and ability they have to draw to them people with whom to experience blissful relationships. There is no wisdom in this type of life.

The heart chakra is not necessarily where the compassion comes from either. To have compassion that is not in the form of pity, heart wrenching pity, one must also have the crown chakra as the balance. The heart chakra itself is not wisdom; it is not wise. If one came in solely operating on the heart chakra, he would be a mess! If one comes in operating on the heart chakra and the second chakra (the sacral plexus), his life is also a very unbalanced life. Humanity was at this point in Lemuria. For the time period, they were wise people with the heart and throat chakras open. They were much wiser than any had been up to then, but not in the sense of wisdom that would be considered wisdom today.

As evolution continues, the development of the chakras must continue. The importance of the earlier chakras fade as the new ones come into being. The heart chakra in the human is not as necessary now as it was in the days of the early cave man. The heart chakra was needed at that time to stop them from killing each other; to build the conscience so that humanity could survive. At that time, they were all acting on instinct, and the heart chakra tempered the instinct. Now, as instinct is used to build the intuition, so also is the heart chakra included in the components that make up intuition. But it is certainly not “the most important” one. They are all important components for a balanced intuition, but the heart chakra no more so than the crown chakra.

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