Homosexuality Given More Publicity than Heterosexuality

Because of the intensification of the second chakra in humanity, the focus on sexuality is becoming much more common. Homosexuality is not becoming any more prevalent than heterosexual urges, it is just being given more publicity because it is out of the normal standards of behavior as set by the churches. (Heterosexuality is starting to receive more than normal publicity due to the cases in the military and also that of the former president of our country.)

As far as nature goes, there is no normal standard of behavior. In the beginning each human form was self-propagating. Why should homosexuality be any more shocking than masturbation? There is a huge increase in this activity but because it is personal and handled by each alone it is not making news such as homosexuality is. Actually sexual behavior will move through different stages, that of masturbation into heterosexual and then into homosexuality.

The new energy, the intensification of energy has been in effect for probably the last twenty-five years following the cusp between the old age and the new age. Therefore it has approximately 25 more years to run its course due to their being a fifty year cusp before and after a new age. Meanwhile the effect of the new energy on the third chakra, the solar plexus will start to intensify and its intensity will overlap that of the second chakra. This is the stage we are in now and is partly the reason for the increase in homosexuality.

To explain, ESP associated with the third chakra, the solar plexus, is stronger between those of the same gender. The mind to mind transfer of thought is much easier when being done positive to positive or negative to negative. The same is true with the transfer of energy itself which can be scientifically proven. The transfer of thought between those of the same sex could also be proven if someone were to undertake this as an experiment. Regardless, this is the main cause of increased homosexuality.

Homosexuality comes into the picture as each person makes contact with their inner being. At this time is when the matter of which part of the spark is in incarnation comes to light. This means that if the male half of the spark is in incarnation, even though in a female form, the sexual drive will be towards a female because of the strong interaction of the spark on this form.

The opposite is also true. If the female half of the spark is incarnated into a male body, the tendency will be for that person to be attracted to the male sex due to the influence of the spark. This is why it has been given in the past that homosexuals are more spiritually advanced than those in heterosexual activity.

People who are following the conventional teachings of the churches, that the sexual act should only be between male and female forms, are not in touch with their inner beings or they would not be able to conform to this way of behaving. The stage after heterosexuality is homosexuality.

The next stage after homosexuality is to return to autonomy and enter the cellular orgasm stage. This will take place when you are in complete harmony and in contact with your inner being, your own other half of the spark who will be the perfect mate of the opposite sex for you. This is a long way into the future for most.

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