Hydrogen Part 3 – The Core Of Hydrogen Is Found In All Kingdoms

All kingdoms must have hydrogen present in them of they will not be part of the spiritual realm of the universe. It is quite simple. Hydrogen is the Creator. The kingdoms are creations of Hydrogen and will have the DNA of Hydrogen present in some form. Yes Hydrogen can be considered DNA for all kingdoms, to put it into terms you will understand better.

Mineral Kingdom
In the Mineral Kingdom the core of hydrogen is hard to determine, but it is there in the center of a stone in the fine threads that were woven in at the beginning of the formation of the rock. This is similar to sap you would find in plants only you might say in a hardened condition. Once the stone is broken up and these threads are broken the stone no longer will be able to be tuned musically because the threads were connected to an ethereal sound that we cannot hear. Once the thread is broken so is the link to this ethereal sound. Therefore when stone is broken up, as given it no longer can be tuned and is no longer considered part of the kingdom of God. There is much more that could be learned about minerals if large pieces of stone were not destroyed and broken into gravel.

Botanical Kingdom
The core of hydrogen that is found in the Botanical Kingdom is found in it’s sap. Every plant has sap. This is where hydrogen will be found in plants. Once the sap is dried up in a plant the plant dies. It is as simple as that in this kingdom. There is no way to rejuvenate the plant once it lacks sap. Sap is kept alive in the plant through watering. Sap is comparable to the blood in humans. This is why it can be used to find the vibratory rate of plants the same way blood is used to determine it in humans.

Biological Kingdom
As a human grows the methods of keeping the Hydrogen Atom from being lost will change. Music, especially piano, for children is one of the best avenues of expression that they can have, but above and beyond that are the effects it has on the physical body. The vibrations set up by the musical tones of the piano or violin, or other acoustical instruments will serve to separate the membranes between the layers in the brain. This will aid the opening of the creative channel, which will speed up the thinking processes and also the ability to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time. All this in turn will make them much sharper at their other studies.

While it is doing this it is also an energy source for the cells of the body which are all tuned to musical pitches. Each one of them feeds off the tones being heard and felt in the body and helps keep the physical body in good health. This is a very subtle way of preventing illness, but it does work. The mental body is being sharpened, the physical body is being tuned and kept in good health and also the emotional body is kept in good shape because music allows the children to visualize and express their visualizations in an audible form.

There are so many scientific benefits that are going on in the body, all stemming from the practice of music, that it would take a master technician to keep up with everything that was
going on in all parts of the body while this daily practice takes place. The eye, hand, brain
coordination that is achieved can be achieved in no other way. The coordination is set in concrete, so to speak, because of the musical vibrations that are sounded and drawn in through the ears into the nerve receptors that control the brain. This is a very technical function, but actually serves as a dose of medicine.

I can’t stress enough the good these musical lessons do, especially the piano. Because of the natural sound of live music from the strings, rather than the electrical vibrations from keyboards, the vibrations are healing vibrations. The keyboards will have all the same benefits as the piano with the exception of the feeding of the cells of the body as far as tuning goes. This will not take place to as great a degree. It will be, perhaps, twenty-five percent of what the piano will provide. This is one of the easiest forms of prevention of disease that anyone could do, not only for their children, but also for themselves.

Music must be given the respect that the written word has attached to it and should be in conjunction with the colors. A lesson book to this effect will be established in general terminology for children. Colors associated with the tones will be incorporated into the lessons by music books being printed using color. It will step on no toes as far as different religions go, but it will expand these young minds much more than you might believe.

At the same time that the vibrations of the strings are allowing them to absorb more, their curiosity will have been invoked, and a game will begin in their minds. This will lead to the stretching of the mind which leads to the expression of the soul coming through their music.

These children will be well on their way to bringing forth spiritual truths, even against teachings they may be getting elsewhere, because the combination of the music and the color will bring these truths to the foreground for them. Their channel will open much more quickly than that of an adult, as they are of an updated evolutionary standing.

Prismatic Kingdom
The next kingdom, the Prismatic, has hydrogen in the ethereal state as the substance that allows for different colors due to the vibration of the hydrogen particles. This gets more complicated but I just wanted to touch on this for a moment. The finding of the vibration of colors is what allows us to tie color and music together for healing.

Atmospheric Kingdom
The next kingdom, the Atmospheric, deals with hydrogen in the form of moisture or water content. This again is more complicated than this, but all atmosphere has a moisture content. If not it would not be part of the atmosphere and be considered part of the spiritual realm.

Astronomical Kingdom
The last kingdom, the Astronomical, is full of hydrogen in the form of gases coming off of the planets. This is fairly straightforward material and can also be touched on in depth at a later date.

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