Impotence In Indigo Males Due To Spiritual Values

The process taking place now is similar to the breeding experiments that took place when earth was first born, but of course on a much updated scale. Those experiments were not done through natural processes – these experiments will be. It is through the natural processes of evolution that the increase in humanitys’ intelligence level will have to come. It cannot come through schooling alone, although correct schooling methods will certainly aid in this.

But the true way to increase humanitys’ intelligence will be through birthing infants with the genes from this other constellation in them. Yes, this is the same constellation that provided most of the genes for the early experiments. That is why they need to be the ones to serve in this capacity now. They have certainly evolved since donating the original genetic material, but the basic makeup of the genes will be the same only much enhanced. If a seeding was done with a different galaxy there would be confusion in the gene makeup causing many problems. We are satisfied that this is the best route to take.

As given earlier, it is mostly males who are coming from this other constellation, due to the complications of planning things around the female reproductive cycle. Regardless the result will be the same. When these males mate with normal evolution females the offspring will be what we will want to watch and follow. Not just these offspring, but also their offspring.

If we were to send in females of the other constellation there would always be a chance that the female would not marry the alien and bear him children. This is certainly something that is hard to explain. The human male will have too many attributes that a more highly evolved female will not want to expose herself too. Therefore she would most likely gravitate to a male from the same constellation as herself and bear him children. This is not what we want. We want the mixture of the other constellation with natural evolution on the earth.

When the men are the ones that come from the other constellation they will not be so choosy about whom they mate with. All the natural born females will be inviting to them. Therefore our goal of half natural evolution and half from the other constellation will be met much easier. We hope this has explained this part of the Indigo selection process.

After the material about the experiment working better sending in males rather than females, I received a question from a reader about Indigo males having performance trouble in their relationships with girl friends and partners and the following came through:

There is definitely a correlation between the problem of impotence and having different DNA. When it was said that most Indigos were advised to enter as males because of the problems of the reproductive system in females, it was also stated that if the Indigos were female they would not want to mate with normal evolution males. They would not relate to them in almost all ways, but mostly having to do with their sense of values system.

This also works the other way around. For the male Indigo, they do not down deep relate to normal evolution females and their sense of values. After being aware of what females are like on their home planet they cannot accept the shallowness of normal evolution females. This then has a tendency to affect the libido of these Indigo males and shut down the normal response system.

With normal evolution males, this response system is almost on automatic as far as responding sexually to females. This is enhanced by our society and all the ads on TV and in the printed media. For Indigo males they do not watch a lot of normal TV with these ads and do not read a lot of printed material with the ads. Therefore, they are not being exposed to the female temptations as far as dress and actions and so forth go.

This was an unforeseen problem as far as embedding Indigo males onto the earth. As far as how to overcome it and find a suitable mate, one must look for the value system of any female he meets before the physical attributes are taken into account. In other words even if she is very pretty and sexy looking and is comfortable in social situations, if she does not have the deep-grounded system of basic values that you consider important, you will not be able to be sexually aroused by her; most likely not even in the beginning. Your soul will insist that she hold the same values as you.

There is no suitable answer to this at this time and this is also why homosexuality is prevalent. These Indigo males are finding the value systems they are looking for in other Indigo males. All of this is the fault of those of us who started this experiment. We are having meeting and scratching our heads as to what to do about it.

We did not want to bring female Indigos in because of the complications of child bearing. We see that this was a mistake and even if we reverse that decision and start bringing them in now this will not help those who are already on the earth and can find no suitable female partners. They will have to make the determination of whether the values they hold are more important to them than the fact that they are lonely.

The one thing that may perhaps help in this area would be the use of performance enhancing products. This would allow the Indigo male to sexually satisfy his normal evolution female partner and perhaps bear children with her. This would preclude loneliness and if the female would cooperate and try to understand his set of values and live up to it, there could conceivably be a meeting of the minds and maybe true love would happen.

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