Indigo Children Are Examples Of The Powerhouse In Our Brains

Indigo children are indeed descendants from indigo beings on another planet. Other planets have life of different looks and colors and intelligence levels. Most any of them who have permission to incarnate on earth are from higher intelligence levels to try to raise the intelligence level of those on planet earth.

The planet as a whole is one of the lowest intelligence levels of all life in the entire universe. Part of this is the problem of needing to give those of low mental capacity the chance at another turn on the wheel of life. They must be given this chance to prove that they are capable of growing. When coming to the end of a major cycle it is time when most of these beings must be allowed to incarnate. Unfortunately, now is the time and there are many of them in incarnation at this time.

At the same time there are many being born who are from a planet of higher intelligence. In some ways this makes the laggards who are incarnated now look that much worse as far as mental abilities, but this is partly why the indigo children are being sent in at this time, to show what humans can achieve as far as using their minds. The indigo children are to act as an example and be an incentive to those on earth at the present time.

True, some of this rise in intelligence will come about as a result of evolution and there are those being born now who are not a part of the indigo children and yet their intelligence level is far above that of their parents. But the indigo children are about ten times more intelligent than the children being born as a result of natural evolution.

These indigo children are intelligent enough that they will not push themselves out ahead of the other children as bragging or boasting. As a matter of fact you will find them working behind the scenes to help others not as intelligent as themselves. If they step out of line in this respect they know they will receive severe reprimands when they return to the inner planes.

Those children doing the bullying in schools at this time are definitely not indigo children. You will find the indigo children trying to help the victims of bullying. They will also be trying to make the bullies see the harm they are causing, not only to their victims but also to their own chances of proving they are capable of intelligent growth. Bullying is not and never will be the way to show intelligent growth. It only shows how far down the ladder of intelligence they are and at the same time how far down the ladder they are as far as spiritual growth goes. And this is what will determine whether they will be allowed to move on in their evolvement with the rest of those on earth at this time or whether their next incarnations will be in another planetary system where they will be sent backwards to progress forward again with more spiritual training.

Some of this problem is due to the free will of those souls who incarnated on earth many centuries ago and thought they were doing their best as far as trying to lead humanity only to find out when they crossed over that they had it all wrong. Some of the laggards on earth now are these very same souls who got it wrong last time. Hopefully they will recognize themselves and where they went wrong and try to overcome their problems this time.

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