Indigos Are Not Those With Autism, ADD, ADHA or AIDs

Indigos are not, as stated before, to be considered those with autism, ADD, ADHA or AIIDS. Their heath will for the most part be fine unless some environmental aspect changes things after they have entered the body. But for the most part they will be born into healthy bodies and will stay that way (in good health) because they will be operating out of their higher mind for most of their life – from birth onward. They will not get caught up in worrying about a bruise or cut. Therefore they will not focus their attention on it and, as with all injuries, it will go away due to not getting any attention. They will have too many other more important things to be thinking about.

As far as how to tell if one is an Indigo, there is no sure way. There are a lot of guidelines out there, some good and some bad. What we would hope to do is start a panel of those who we are pretty sure are Indigos and have them write up a list of traits that they all share. Say you have 12 on the panel. If at least 10 of them agree on a trait they have in common then this is entered into the list as a guideline. We would suggest that you make a questionnaire to be filled out by all those in your group. We will help with the questions. These should be studied and a panel of 12 controlling members be chosen with a leader who will take over the chores of finding similar traits and memories and starting the list of guidelines.

One of the best ways to tell will be when and if these ones can readily reach their inner being and can then bring forth memories of life on a different planet. This would be one sure way of knowing their standing as an Indigo. What should be seen would be very similar memories from all those on the panel of 12 as far as life on another planet.

This will difficult to sort out in some cases because a lot of them will have lived lives on earth before moving on to the new planet. Some of them will come directly from the new planet. Those who came in early as tests, such as you, will have memories of other lives here on earth. But when each has completed the synthesization of all parts and is at the apex of their mind, the memories at the forefront should then be all about the new planet. They will know the atmosphere, the colors, the vibrational patterns and much new technology and yes, most of it will involve the Science of Music.

Most of the Indigo children will want to study music in some form or other or be associated with it. And a lot of them will choose the violin. This was given to you once before that they choose it because it is acoustic and because the vibrations are very close to their ears and will have a greater impact on their development than say a guitar that is held on the lap or even a piano that is at the same distance from the ears. These children will just automatically know that the violin is their best choice.

As far as the other arts, they will all be very talented in one or the other of the arts or in some cases in many of them at the same time, finally choosing one to focus on as they grow into adulthood. Their drawings and paintings will most likely incorporate scenes from their home planet. (We are not ready to disclose this home planet just yet for reasons of our own.)

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