Inner Planes At Night Are Same As Crossing Over

The inner planes you are in at night are indeed the ones you go to when you cross over. You see, when you go to sleep at night, there is a distinct pattern that the sleep follows, a structured pattern of sleep. As far as what goes on with your inner life, the animal-based brain goes through stages. I’m not going to get into those stages because they’ve been well documented in other work. The soul itself is what was being referred to as far a structured process at night.

Soul Goes On R & R at Night
The first thing the soul does is leave the body and go through a period of R and R (rest and recuperation) from the trials of the day that has just gone by. It meets and joins with the half of the soul on the inner planes for a brief period of rejuvenation. This may be thought of as a bonding. It reenergizes the spirit of the person, the soul of this person, as far as completeness goes. Because it is a separated soul during the waking hours it needs to have this bonding with the rest of its total beingness to rejuvenate and restore and prepare for the trials of another day on the earth plane.

Two Hours On Inner Planes Equal To Twenty-Four Hours On Earth
The two hours that the soul is out of the body, would be perhaps equal to a twenty-four hour period of earth plane time. About one hour to twelve would be approximately accurate. As far as what happens to time, it would be like putting a film into a fast speed. So much can be learned and gained and understood and known in that two hour period, that it is very frustrating for souls when they re-enter the body and are slowed down into the very, very slow vibration of the earth plane.

You Are Living Two Twenty-Four Hour Periods In One Day
Classes, even individual counseling, a party, rest and relaxation, renewal, rejuvenation – all of this can be squeezed into a twenty-four hour period and is each night in the two hour period of earth plane time!

Therefore, the physical body is living a twenty-four hour period and the spiritual body also lives its own twenty-four hour period. So, a person, well aware of what’s happening on the inner planes can make terrific strides forward in their evolution if they can tap into and remember and bring forward what went on during the nighttime hours.

Fun Times
There are fun times on the inner planes. For example, a group of souls who are dedicated to, let’s say music in this particular life time, will get together and just simply have a party.

Or perhaps they are all artists. But like will attract like on the inner planes as far as these fun time periods and also as far as the lessons go. The universal law of like attracts like holds totally in all aspects of the inner plane. It is not opposites attract.

It will be very familiar when you arrive. You do indeed spend your time with others, enjoying each other in free will, but as you know, there is no such thing as sex per se over there and these thoughts never enter the picture. There is no sex difference and, of course, no sexual intercourse because there are no physical bodies. There is a bonding between the two halves of the soul that would come the closest to anything that would relate to our act of sexual intercourse.

There is love, love between two souls, that is very beautiful. This feeling is bound to carry over into your life here. It is quite difficult to understand. There are marriages there between two souls, and that bond is felt by you. But a relationship formed on the inner planes will be much stronger and more binding than one made on earth, which must be considered temporary. If the two can be combined, then it is indeed beautiful. This does happen, but not as often as might be wished. This is one reason for so much unhappiness in the world. This is why life lived through the personality is not satisfying, whereas one lived as a soul is.

The whole soul is what experiences the inner plane, not the half soul. Each evening there is a period where the two halves of the soul meet and join up or bond. Then they are with others, either in class or on a fun time, at a lecture hall, strolling along the banks of a river, walking through gardens, in libraries searching out data. At the end of the night, there is a separation period again.

Life on Inner Planes Compared to Life on Earth Plane
Relate this, if you will, to when the husband comes home from work. Perhaps, he and his wife embrace. Perhaps they go to a party. Perhaps they attend a lecture or class. Perhaps they prefer, instead, just to go to bed. No matter. They are together until the following morning when the husband or the wife or both must leave in the morning to go to work. They are separated during the day. They know that separation is coming daily.

It’s the same thing on the inner planes when they know they separate as the day begins for the entity on the earth plane, and that they will come together again that evening. There is no difference in these two analogies. Even to the point of one half of the soul being of the female characteristics and the other half the male and they do join and bond. But, they are bonding with the other half of themselves instead of with another fragmented being.

This is what is taking place on the earth plane. People, in their relationships, in their marriages, are trying to bond with other fragments. This is why relationships are difficult to work out. But, this is where the lessons lie that will speed up what is being learned on the inner planes. Lessons in attitudinal behavior and relationship problems can be taught over and over again in the lecture halls on the inner planes, but if it’s never brought into the earth plane and experimented with, and the concepts applied to the reality of earth plane life, then those lessons are never cemented into the beingness of that soul.

This may explain why so much of our education is not as it should be. The application of the lesson is not included in the school. Whatever is being taught must have a period of practical application for it to be assimilated in the brain of that person. The same is true of the lessons on the inner planes.

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