Levels of the Fifth Chakra – The Throat

As the throat chakra came into being, the necessity for the heart chakra was not as strong. With the coming of speech, feelings were not what were depended upon to solve the problems. Once there was a language where people could talk to each other, this brought the growth of the mental body, which was necessary. The emotional body has absolutely no balance without the mental body. The fifth chakra, that of the throat, is a very important chakra for humans and came into being out of necessity when the early men began separating themselves off from the big animals and needed protection from them. It became a matter of survival that these early humans be able to communicate with one another.

1st Level
The first level of this chakra is simply that – communication with those of like vibration. This is not an inherent trait; it is a learned trait still in the human. In other words, it is not part of the animal based brain – it is a result of the inseminations done from the higher plains. The animal form does not have the refined vocal chords that humans have. This was a gift from our Creator.

2nd Level
The second stage of the throat chakra is that of being able to do more than just utter sounds – it is the ability to receive back the sounds from others – a link between the ear and the vocal chords that is quite necessary. This link is a nerve that runs from the vocal chords to the sensory cells of the brain – the receptors in the ears. This gets quite complicated, but for further development of the throat chakra to have any meaning it had to be heard by others. A human could stand in the middle of an empty island and yell or scream for hours for help and it would do no good if there was no one to hear him. Therefore, the early stages of the ear chakra developed in conjunction with the throat chakra. The ear chakra is in a very rudimentary form in the human at this time. It is only in the second stage of development. A few are in the third and fourth stages but it is not time yet for the higher stages. It is time for the third and fourth and many humans are working on developing these stages. (The third level of the 8th chakra, the ear is as follows: As the form developed, there came a two layered manner of receiving the vibrations; the ears hearing the noise that the solar plexus was feeling. The fourth level is: We still have the combination of the solar plexus and the ears working for intuition.) The second stage of the throat chakra, then, is the link with the throat.

3rd Level
The third stage of the throat chakra is that of using the same sounds to mean the same things every time these early humans tried to communicate with each other. This would be similar to a high pitched squeal if a large animal was spotted, or a low hum if a baby were sleeping or all sorts of different inflections of a monotone that developed.

4th Level
The fourth stage was that of actually setting these sounds into patterns for the different items of living that these people communicated to each other about.

5th Level
The fifth stage is that of refinement of speech patterns in conjunction with those you are
communicating with – in other words speaking the same language. This was the development of different languages that took place and is still taking place within a certain social group.

6th Level
The sixth stage of the throat chakra is that of being able to sing. This stage is inherent within the throat chakra from the time of the birth of the form, but cannot be accessed until the vibratory rate of the vocal chords has reached the same level as the rest of the chakras on that particular form. This is why some of the children in schools today can’t sing when others the same age can. The ones who can were born with higher levels of each chakra open. In other words, those who can sing at an early age are more highly evolved animal forms. This has nothing to do with the evolution of the spirit that chooses to use this body. In some rare cases it may be one of the factors chosen for an unusual reason to learn certain lessons, but it is more just the fact that this was one of the forms available and if the entity is willing to enter into a form that is a little less evolved, that is their choice. It may be that the wait for a more highly evolved form would be longer than they wanted to wait.

7th Level
Regardless, the seventh stage of the throat chakra is a vibration in the speaking voice that makes it able to penetrate to all those who hear it and hold their attention with what is being said by this voice with this vibration. Jesus had this vibration of the vocal chords. It was due to the high evolution of the human form he entered. This will be happening more in the human race. The voices, the speaking voices, not the singing voices, of those who command attentive listening, such as certain people in the ministry or certain actors, could all be tested for vibratory rate and there would be found a certain intensity that has nothing to do with decibel rates.

8th Level
This is as far as the throat chakra has progressed in the human. The eighth stage of it is not open on anyone. It has to do with silent communication – direct voice to ear communication of exact language.

9th Level
The ninth has to do with the ability to transfer vocally, silently, the inflections and volumes and singing of the human voice.

10th, 11th, 12th Levels
The last three stages enter into ethereal matter and I will not talk about them at this time, only to say that the last three stages are used for communication between the higher planes and channels on the earth plane. This does not mean that these channels have these stages open. It does mean that their ear chakra is more highly developed that others.

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