Levels of the Fourth Chakra – The Heart Chakra

The lower three chakras have been almost totally opened and in use on most of humanity, some more stronger than others, but in comparison to the three higher chakras, the throat, third eye and crown, the lower three have been most in use, with very few individuals using the higher three. They did try to enter the human forms before the forming of the heart chakra and it was not too successful. The heart chakra was brought into being at the time of the split of the spirit into positive and negative, or male and female, (Adam and Eve, Biblically speaking) when the whole form was restructured.

Most people are born with the first two levels of the heart chakra open. No one opens any chakra wide open all at once. If they do they will most certainly be in trouble. These chakras open one level at a time and when that energy is fully incorporated into the daily life then, and only then, will the next level open. It is a lifetime process for most to open the chakras as far as level seven and a few do open them to level eight. This is about as far as it is safe at this time for humanity to open. The next four levels would be too much energy for anyone to withstand.

1st Level
The first level of the heart chakra is that of being aware that we are only half of our beingness that is on the earth. This is the cause of the terrible feelings of loneliness that all experience and the feeling of incompleteness that we all have until we have progressed spiritually to the point of finding our God Within.

2nd Level
The second level of the heart chakra is that which causes a knowingness that there is help or an answer as to why we feel this way. This is an inborn trait of all. Both of these first two levels are inherent in our makeup. Without the second level the first would be unbearable. Anyone with suicidal tendencies due to feeling alone could be helped by a tuning of this second level, because for the spirit to be split apart and one half be sent down to experience life in these strange cumbersome forms was a terrific shock. If this spirit does not have an awareness that the other part of himself or herself is near at hand, able to be communicated with eventually and used for guidance, it would be a devastating existence. But somehow, through the tuning of this second level we are hopeful from the beginning; hopeful and knowing that we are not alone, that there is help from an unseen source.

3rd Level
The third level of tuning is an acknowledgment of a higher authority figure in whom we trust and to whom we pray. In early man this took many forms and the outgrowth was a belief in a fatherly figure on high known as God. With this level of tuning came all, or most, of our hang-ups and guilt which have wrecked havoc with the spirit’s progress.

4th Level
The fourth level of the heart chakra is a realization that God will be found inside our own mind and is indeed the other half of us that we are separated from at the beginning of each incarnation. Everyone’s heart chakra is programmed to be open to the fourth level at birth. Therefore, the same exact process of reviewing necessary to open this chakra must be gone through at the beginning of each life. It does get easier and quicker to progress to this fourth stage with each ensuing life experience. And this fourth stage must be reached before any true spiritual progress can be accomplished in each life. Until this is reached you are merely reviewing what you already know from previous lives. The opening of the fourth level of the heart chakra is a long process. As a person flows with the new energy and the feelings it brings, and expresses these feelings, he will find himself much more loving in response to family and friends. He will be less demanding of their attention and able to let go of his children and allow them their independence.

5th Level
The fifth level of tuning of the heart chakra is that of being able to be in constant communication with the other half of our soul for guidance. This is manifested as the conscience and is called the Christ Consciousness, mistakenly.

6th Level
This leads to individual consciousness and taking responsibility for ourselves and our personal destiny, which is the sixth level.

7th Level
The seventh level is not true Christ Consciousness either. It is the wanting to help and teach others of what we have discovered. This level must be open for one to be a true spiritual teacher. Many who are teaching have not progressed to this point of opening the heart chakra and, therefore, are not considered qualified spiritual teachers by those helping planet earth.

8th Level
The eighth level is the realization that we are all one, that we are all a part of each other – the shattered energy of our Creator, and brings about unconditional love.

9th Level
The next levels, from nine to twelve, are advanced levels leading to what is termed sainthood by some churches, or messiahs or great spiritual teachers. Level nine would be that of a leader, not necessarily the greatest teacher, but one with an ability to command a following.

10th Level
Ten would be one who brings in new advanced teachings.

11th Level
Eleven would be the teacher of the advanced teachings.

12th Level
Twelve would be not only the teacher but combined with that of leader. There is none on
earth today at levels eleven and twelve.

The heart chakra is made up of the emotional child part of you combined with the spiritual self. The intellect has no organic part of the heart chakra, but yet has complete control over it. It must be a wise control. When the heart chakra opens wide and the intellect is not sharpened and functioning, this one will be in much turmoil. The intellect is a function of the crown and solar plexus. These two are one of a lower nature and one higher and have their own problem of great duality without the transforming qualities of the heart chakra. What the heart chakra being opened will do is help balance between what you sense intuitively and what you know psychically.

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