Levels of the Second Chakra – the Sacral Plexus

The sacral plexus is a cause of a lot of the human’s problems. The uncontrolled energy in this chakra is one of the biggest causes of PMS in women. It also causes sexual dysfunction in both men and women. It causes cancer of the sexual organs and due to all of these things it also causes mental aberrations such as rapists and deviated sexual behavior. This is a very important chakra to have the energy flow smoothly in. It is also the energy center that controls the bladder and kidney functions and the reproductive machinery.

The second chakra is that of ensuring the continuance of the human race and upgrading the quality of life of this race. The divisions of tonal quality in this chakra are more clearly defined than the root chakra was. The sacral plexus was, in the beginning, the pure sexual act on an animalistic basis with no connection to or link with thought, as thought had not progressed to the stage where it could control this instinctive behavior. It was pure instinct to mate sexually with any of the opposite sex. This was true of both male and female, but there were inborn controls in the female, those of the cycles of the menses. These developed right along with human evolution when the split of the amoeba occurred.

This split was brought about due to the amoeba trying to mate with itself. This was physically difficult and evolution took care of the problem. evolution will always take care of physical problems of the race if they are general and widespread. The split itself was timed into the ebb and tides of the sea which were caused by the lunar pull. Therefore, the effect of the moon was a part of the sexual makeup of humanity from the very beginning of time. For a long time this was the only time the amoeba was successful at self-mating due to the effect of the strength of the tide giving its strength and determination to the amoeba and, therefore, the drive to pursue this mating. This sexual drive is, therefore, a part of the human form that is still today more strongly felt in the human form at the time of the full moon, which is the cause of the strongest tides in the sea.

As the amoeba progressed and life moved up out of the sea onto land, the pull of the moon still dictated the mating between the male and female halves of the forms that developed from the split of the amoeba which occurred over a long period of time of the amoeba reproducing strange offspring occasionally, those who had only one set of sexual organs – but these were not always the same set. One time there would be one end of the amoeba reproduced, say the female end, and another time only the male end of the amoeba. At the same time, there were still double sexed offspring being born. It took eons for this to evolve to where they were all single sexed. This took place entirely in the amoeba before life moved onto the land. Even today there can be throwbacks of nature and a baby will be born with a double set of sex organs. This is not as rare an occurrence as you might think. Even the urge to mate with ourselves is still present in everyone, and even though it is not physically possible to reproduce an offspring, the instinctual urge is there and influences our leanings towards masturbation, which is not as abnormal an act as many would have you believe. It is an instinctual act and can now be controlled by the mind.

1st Level
The first level of the sacral plexus is the urge to reproduce the human race.

2nd Level
The second is the strong pull of lunar activity and its effect on our sexual actions.

3rd Level
The third level relates to our urge to masturbate.

4th Level
The fourth level gets into the realm of exploring sexual practices with many other people, looking for an ultimate experience. This is a throwback to the days when mating with other kingdoms was possible and was practiced on a regular basis. At one time mating with the mineral kingdom was practiced by grinding different minerals into a powder and ingesting them and spreading them on the sexual organs while masturbating. Some of these brought about much pleasure. The next stage was using the plant kingdom to enhance the act and make it more pleasurable, then the animals who would do anything man wanted them to do in the way of sexual acts. This, then, was fourth level sacral plexus activity.

5th Level
The fifth level was the sexual act with all thought being focused on the feeling we had for the sexual partner. There was discrimination as to whom we shared the act with and controls of the conscience as to having more than one partner at once. Most humanity is on the border between being tuned to the fourth and fifth levels. This fifth level brought about the institution of marriage which, as you can see, is not a proper institution for those still expressing on fourth level chakra activity. Fifth level chakra activity is a direct tying together of the sacral plexus (2nd chakra) and the conscience of man (4th chakra), which is where the teachings in the Bible came in and brought into being the institution of marriage. At the same time it attached much guilt to the human who was developing this conscience and caused many, nay most, of the sexual hang-ups humans have today. The conscience needs to be a part of the sexual practices, but if one slips back to old behavior due to being human, one should not have to put themselves through defeating guilt over it. It should not be considered any different than one who is on a diet slipping back to old habits of eating now and then because they are human. In either instance, one should forgive themselves immediately, put it out of their mind, get back up on their feet and start walking on the path directed by the conscience they are trying to develop in whatever area they slipped up in. You will note that there was no mention made of the guilt brought on by how society feels about the slipping backwards because this, truly, is unimportant. The guilt that society would have you put on yourself has been brought about by the teachings of religion, mostly that of misdirected Christianity. What you feel in your own heart, mind and soul to be the principles and mores that you wish to live by is your only guidance in your sexual practices.

6th Level
Sixth level sexual behavior has, again, moved out of expressing with and through others and is into experiencing within your own synthesized mind, body and spirit the ultimate feeling of orgasms throughout every cell. Very few have reached this level as it is very difficult to achieve while in the human form, but not impossible. Know that the fourth and fifth level sexual experiences cannot come anywhere close to the glorious feeling this brings. But if one isn’t ready for this stage one must have compassion for them as they must experience thoroughly the levels behind them and make their own decisions as to their value and worth in their lives. The decision to move on the sixth level is a very personal decision and those who have made it will still slip back now and then into craving and wanting to experience the levels behind them again. They should not feel guilty over this. They should indulge in previous levels again then, as in the dieter who slips, they should pick themselves up and move back to sixth level again.

7th Level
What they are seeking is really seventh level experience, that of combining the two – fifth and sixth level experience at the same time with the same partner for the ultimate sexual experience possible on the earth plane today. This would mean that the two people involved would both have to be at the same level of progress in all chakra areas, not just the sacral plexus level. The other chakras must all be of the same balance in each with the same levels in each chakra in exactly the same tuning to be able to reach this together and it must be reached together or it is not reached. The heart chakra of both must be operating at the highest level and also that of the sacral plexus. If one is still operating at levels four and five of the sacral plexus and the other is ready for the seventh level, but does not have the heart chakra prepared, even though the first one does, this experience cannot take place.

8th Level
The eighth level of the sacral plexus is the spontaneous happening of all the other experiences taking place controlled by the mind, induced by the mind, at appropriate times, as communion with the God Within. In other words, deliberate spontaneous orgasms physically, cellularly and mentally. This is the meaning of the word rapture and is possible at the present time for a very few people on the earth plane.

The other levels will not be discussed because humanity would only distort and misuse the information. At some later date, when more understanding is gained, some of it may be given.

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