Mind Is Transformer For UFO Experiences

The only way to have a UFO experience or an alien abduction is to experience it inside your mind, or perhaps I should say with the help of your mind. Your mind has to act as the transformer between dimensions. Everyone has the capability inside their brain for this to take place. Human forms are born with this capability. It is part of the inheritance from the experiments on the animals. We have it within our mind because we are part of the mind of the Creator.

Genes are Responsible
When the experiments were done, this particular “gene,” you might call it, was passed to the offspring of the animals. As long as the experiments continued, this gene was being enhanced ever more with each generation. When it got to the point where the new race of humans were left on their own to see what would develop, this gene did not progress until new experiments were begun. Up until that time every member of the human race had this gene in equal proportion. From that time on (which was the start of the Biblical records) there were certain tribes that did not receive any more of this gene, or received it at a later date than others. Seeing as how these tribes were the ancestors of all humans now on the earth plane, you can see that some of them would have a more enhanced “transformer” than others. In some the transformer was not enhanced any more at all after the initial round of experiments.

I won’t go into detail as to what tribes received more and which ones received it at a later date. Suffice it for now to just know that even though all members of the human race received equal amounts of this gene in the beginning, they did not receive equal amounts at the time of the later experiments. Therefore, all members of the human race do not, at this time, have equal amounts of the gene that enables them to act as transformers into other dimensions.

For this reason it is much easier for some to experience other dimensions than it is for others, but all have the possibility to develop this. This is the goal of the educational material given in the Chrysalis Experimental Schools for children – to develop this ability at an early age in everyone.

In other words, there was an unequal distribution of the gene when the later experiments on the twelve tribes were done. The experiments ahead of that changed the animal form into that which would become the human. These early experiments set the stage or, if you will, restructured the animal form into one with the capability of moving past the animals. Then, as given, they were left on their own for several generations to see what would develop without any more help. It was determined that progress was very slow when no new genes were brought into the race and the experiments were begun again.

It was at this time that the brain was restructured. This would be at the time of Atlantis. The high priests in Atlantis were the ones in whom the transformer was working to the utmost degree. This is why they were high priests. They were descendants of the Essenes who were from a higher planet and had remained pure in their reproduction. These high priests could transcend dimensions in their thinking. When the experiments were begun again, anyone descended from these high priests had a more evolved transformer to begin with, so were naturally enhanced even more with the new experiments. This was also carried on into the time of the New Testament of the Bible. Mary was one of these with a much more highly evolved transformer and she was directly injected with more of the genes from the higher planets. Thus was Master Jesus able to see into all dimensions and experience them while on earth. So also were his disciples although, of course, they were not as developed as was He.

Gene not Dispersed Equally
Regardless, the inequality of the dispersion of this gene is still with humanity today. It is the hope of those in the higher realms that the new education process given in the Chrysalis Teachings will enable those in whom it is not developed much to have it open at an early age. Can you not see how this would greatly further the evolution of humanity, perhaps in time to save our lovely planet from being destroyed by wrong usage. Humanity must certainly evolve or the planet cannot survive in a state of being able to support the lives of humans. They are not a completely natural part of the planet, remember. Some of their inheritance is from other planets, therefore, there are many things that humans instigate that are not in harmony with the planet itself.

Physical & Spiritual Use of Gene
You can see from this why some people are able to have UFO experiences and others not. It cannot be said that it is totally a spiritual experience. It is half and half. Part of it is directly attributable to physical evolution and part of it to spiritual evolution, but it is all dependent on the brain/mind of the individual and the unfolding evolution of this brain/mind. I’m using the word brain as being the physical holder of this gene and the word mind as being the spiritual holder of this gene. The new schooling for children is to bring forth both parts of a child in equal educational concepts. This should bring both parts of this gene into a highly evolved state.

Those people who have abduction experiences that are physically abusive and intrusive are those in whom the physical gene is operating more strongly. Those who have the experiences that allow them to grow spiritually are those in whom the spiritual aspects of the gene are operating more strongly. You can readily see that those in whom the experiences are frightening would be helped by the new schooling, by opening up the gene in the other side of the brain. On the other hand, those who have experiences that lead to spiritual understanding quite often go off the deep end and do not keep their feet on the ground. They cause many misinterpretations such as the world being invaded by UFOs and the world coming to an end, or the planet being overtaken and humans being made slaves of distorted looking animals. These people need for the physical part of this gene to be opened and educated so they can keep their feet on the ground. Balance is the answer.

Those who have the frightening experiences really do see into other dimensions but because they are working with the physical part of the gene, they are seeing into dimensions lower in vibration than they are. They do not experience these things in their physical body, only in their mind, but they are such powerful experiences that the mind is able to transmit the scarring, etc. to the physical body of the human and these people are, of course, left with trauma. It other words, it is the person’s own mind that causes a scar to appear or an implant to be present in the body. The person’s own brain can do this. The human brain is a powerhouse. Thoughts are things.

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