Our Prison System Part 2 – More Ideas for Rehabilitation

After going through individual training, studying and research as discussed in the article, “Our Prison System,” these prisoners will be given their first study contact with others. This will be a discussion format dealing with what has been discovered by all those in the class. This group will be limited to six. After discussion of the comparison of traits exercise, this same group will be joined by a similar group and a class will be given on genetic, environmental and divine heritage. This will be an impersonal group discussion and will have a workbook to work out of, having them list factors in their own background for each division.

At this point they will receive a bonus in the form of a special videotape to be chosen from an approved list. This video will be entertainment without violence, preferably with some comedy that the prisoners can relate to as far as traits they found in themselves.

Meanwhile, the panel is evaluating all facts so far from all groups and will begin to be able to put together some patterns of family and society and educational systems and yes even structured religious practices that brought about the acts and deeds that landed these men in prison. They will be able to find percentages of comparable circumstances that landed these people in prison. These people; then will be brought together into groups of those with whom they had similar backgrounds and circumstances. These will again be personal discussion groups with the goal of this class being on what these people think could have been done differently that would have changed the outcome of their life thus far.

Learning To Control Actions and Reactions
When the prisoners get to this point, of being able to rationalize what went into their circumstances, they will begin to see that they, themselves, were victims of many interrelated factors. They will be helped to see how their actions led to reactions from others that led to their own reaction then to these other people’s reactions. They will be led to understand that it must all start with actions and reactions. At this point they will be given a weekend out in society, on a limited freedom basis, where they are to carefully control their actions and reactions and report back what circumstances they found themselves in that caused them to have to deliberately control themselves.

Martial Arts Training
This control is the next thing worked on. At this point they would be introduced to martial arts training and at the same time they need to balance this with a creative art class. These classes, both the martial arts and the creative arts, will be structured with a teacher that cares individually for each one’s progress in the class, and we mean really caring teachers, not those who put on a false act, because these prisoners, by this time, will see right through any falseness.

Classes On Reincarnation, Karma and Dreams
After three months training in these two classes, they are then introduced to mental/spiritual concepts of a wide nature, not any narrow view of a religious group. While these classes on reincarnation and karma and dream interpretation are ongoing, they will each of them be given individual attention as far as past life regressions, a series of three, to show patterns that need to be broken up. At the same time they will be taught to analyze their dreams and will also be introduced to meditation.

Three Month Probationary Period
By the time they reach this stage they will be granted a three-month probationary period under the guidance of a counselor in a protected farm/ranch environment where they will do physical labor to feed and clothe themselves.

Employment Training and Eight Month Probationary Period
At the end of this period they will be put into a training program to train them for employment in the outside world. This will last from six months to a year depending on their field of study. They will then be employed by an understanding employer and will be on probation for another eight months. At this time the final release will be made and they will blend into the mainstream of society with much more hope of leading a fulfilling life personally and a reciprocal life for repaying their debt to society so they don’t take this baggage back to the inner planes with them.

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