Our Prison System Part 3 – Rehabilitating Sex Offenders

While the classes are still going on and before the probationary periods are begun, the prisoners will be counseled and be learning about the effects to others of raping people whether it is another male or a female. This will be woven into every aspect of the rehabilitation course, most of the time in a very subtle way, sometimes in a very blatant way, such as a video of a violent rape. This would only come after the stage of forming a conscience has been reached. They will then be made to view videos of animals in the sexual act. Then they will be shown, through books with pictures and text, how the opposite sex views the sexual act. They will be taught that it can be a thing of beauty or a thing of torture for both.

They will be encouraged to masturbate as an effective way to release the sexual drive and also will then be taught how to raise the energy in this second chakra up to the third chakra and use it for becoming in tune with other kingdoms.

Sexual Education Using Animals
They will now be given two pets, one male and one female, to study and be with in communication each day and to watch the interaction of these two from another kingdom. They will be assigned papers to check off traits they noticed in each sex and if young ones are eminent they are to help with the birthing process. These animals will be tame and they can choose their animal within a certain group of animals. (This will be a field for people to go into with this course in mind, that of raising animals to be used for this purpose. They will necessarily be of small breeds.)

Sexual Education Using Plants
The prisoners are then given a class on pollination of the plant kingdom so that the breeding or mating is accomplished and this, then, is compared to the spiritual kingdom as a direct reflection of each other.

Sexual Education Using Humans
By the time these classes are gotten into, there will be a drastic reduction in the rapes that take place in the prison. If one regresses and still has this in him, he will be made to become the victim in a make-believe rape. In other words, he will be made to think that he is going to be gang raped and only at the last minute will it be revealed to him that it is not going to take place, that he was put in this situation to experience what fear it brings to the one being raped. Once he has been through this situation, he would have to be of a very low, dense energy to ever want to commit this act again. If, for some reason, he does commit this act again he will be surgically taken care of, with no second chances given. The inmates are to know that this will be the result of their third offense as far as rape goes. This will be known as standard prison policy. It will be a great deterrent to rape and it may well be that examples will have to be made to show that it will be done.

There will be certain groups on the outside of prison who will want to fight this rule and will bring it to a court trial. Before that time these groups should be made to watch a video of a rape inside a prison. This should make them realize that it is not cruel and inhuman punishment for a crime that is as cruel and inhuman as these rapes inside prison walls are. If this doesn’t make the groups back off, then perhaps they should be put through the make-believe rape scene.

All this time, of course, the inmates are being taught how to raise this energy. Once they have learned to raise it to the third chakra by relating to the interaction of male and female in the animal kingdom, they need to learn to raise it to the fourth chakra, the heart chakra and this can also be done with the animals.

At this point in the prison they will be taught to raise the energy to the fifth chakra, the throat chakra and learn to express themselves on different subjects through speech classes and debates, etc. In the outside world they would raise the energy to the throat by being able to talk and express themselves to the opposite sex. They will not be taught to raise it to the sixth or seventh chakras while in prison. They may well want to continue on with this after they are released, and that will be their choice. They can do that by individual study or group study on the outside.

They may well become so attached to their animals that they will take them with them when they are released. This should be allowed. When they are released, this raising of the energy can then be practiced with human females. They should raise it to a level of trying to understand the female sex, then raise it to the heart chakra where they can really begin to feel a sense of caring.

These are some of the ideas that could be employed to rehabilitate these people. In the beginning it would take more funding but in the long term it would end up being less expensive and there could not help but be a better society as a result of it. These same ideas can be incorporated, with some revisions, into schooling for others, not just prisoners.

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