Possession And Attachment Done By Those Unable To Face The Fact Of Their Death

Discarnate entities are those waiting on the astral plane for an opportunity to reincarnate into another body. There are twelve levels of the astral plane, but only ten of them are used for those waiting to reincarnate. Therefore, there are entities of all stages of evolution on these astral planes. All stages, that is, up until the point where they no longer have to reincarnate. Therefore, only those on the top levels are anywhere near being very wise at all, because if they were wiser in their own understanding they would not still be needing to reincarnate into a body.

You must remember that when in contact with the astral plane and also when in contact with your own past incarnations, that they are not necessarily any wiser than you, in fact are not as wise as you, because you are further along in evolution when dealing with your past lives and when dealing with those on the astral planes they may be more knowledgeable but not necessarily any wiser.

Discarnate entities are around the earth plane at all times. They are always there, when one is born, when one is sick and discouraged and when one dies. The possession that takes place is always done by those of the lower levels as those of the higher levels know this is against the law. Those from the lower levels will subtly work on the mind of one who is depressed and ask permission to enter the body and give the depressed soul a rest. Also they can enter a baby but this baby is a soul of its own, remember, hovering around the mother until the form is born. It can protect itself from these lower entities most likely. Therefore, most possession does not take place at birth. The biggest cause of possession is depression.

Can’t Face Fact of Death
Souls who are not enlightened as to the true events that take place after death are quite often unable to face the fact of their death of the form. They never believed in the continuance of the soul after death and therefore are afraid to literally leave the earth’s atmosphere. They realize they are no longer in the body but don’t know there is another place for them to rise up to and receive help and adjustment.

Therefore they continue with an existence as close as possible to that which they lived while on earth in a body. When they are approached by higher beings it frightens them and they “dig their claws in deeper.” If too much pressure is put on them to leave they “attach” themselves to one on the earth plane and depending on the reception their “attachment” engenders, they take more and more liberties. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a sudden possession. It has taken place over a lengthy period of time, perhaps years.

They hover just between the earth plane and the reflected astral plane. They usually stay around the same area they lived in during their last time in a body, although some do revert back to previous lifetimes, especially if those lifetimes had something left unfinished, either in the form of an earthly task or in the form of an unfinished feeling about a relationship. Therefore a “ghost” could be from a lifetime several incarnations previous to the one he just left.

They do have a difference in their ethereal bodies. They are similar to those who have risen up to their proper level of the astral plane to evaluate and then pursue courses of study preparatory to reentry. The difference is in an odor detected by those sensitive enough to be able to smell it. This odor is as sulfur, as their ethereal body draws that energy from the atmosphere to give the “ghost” himself the feeling of substance to his form, although in truth there is no substance.

As far as what to do about them, the best thing, of course, is education while in embodiment. I realize it is too late for those already inhabiting this area. The next best way is through education at night while the animal brain sleeps. People on earth have more success in approaching them at night than those on higher planes do because they feel panic when the higher ones approach them. When those from the earth plane rise up at night, they seem very similar to these ones and have a much better chance at helping convince them they must move on or they cannot ever return. This is the fact that needs to be stressed. They must be assured they will be allowed to reenter, but made to see that it can’t happen until they are reprogrammed.

This is an area dangerous to beginning psychics who are just starting to soul-travel, or do out-of-body travel while sleeping. They also need to be educated about this. Most people beginning to do soul-travel are accompanied by inner plane guides for protection against this zone. Occasionally it does happen to one who doesn’t realize he is doing this at night, one who is unaware of any of this, or perhaps one who is not intelligent enough to understand the dangers or one who doesn’t believe in the danger. This is when the opportunity for possession presents itself to those trapped in this area, and trapped they indeed are by their own ignorance and fear.

Here again, education of those in incarnation as to the possibility of being possessed is one way to prevent it. After one has been possessed, and this is happening much less frequently than it did in the past, they must be exorcised and this should be done by a clairvoyant, one who can actually see and communicate with the possessing soul. Priests and ministers and any with an authoritative demeanor can accomplish this with timid souls or souls who respect clergy or authority of any kind, but there are less of these kind than the other, the ones who are afraid of nothing. These are the ones who need to have a clairvoyant who can, at the same time, enlist the help of teachers and guides from higher planes. Then a double effort from both sides is used and most often is successful, not only in getting the soul to leave the body of one he has illegally entered, but also to get this soul to leave the earth plane and rise up to where he belongs.

Attachment Different From Possession
There are many reasons for attachment, which is different from possession you realize. When an entity attaches to one on the earth plane, he simply stays in the aura of that one to re-experience things he enjoyed while on the earth plane. Those are most always things of the lower animal pleasures, such as sex, smoking, drinking, gambling, etc. There are occasions when an entity will attach to one on the earth plane for the sake of some art he loved while in the body, such as to experience the sound of music on the earth plane, which has a different way of presenting itself on the inner planes and also on the astral plane. It does not necessarily have to be a past life association, it is more likely to be an association of common likes and experiences that will cause attachment. In some rare cases it is a facet of the entity himself, but it will always be a facet of lower evolutionary growth. Sometimes it is an outgrowth of the animal-based brain on the earth plane. It creates a thought-form so strong that it begins to have “life” of its own and ends up controlling the one in the body.

Body Protected At Night
The body is well protected at night by inner plane guides when the soul is on R and R. This is the least most likely time for possession to take place. I’m not saying it could not happen in rare instances, but if it does it is usually a matter of consent by the soul who is on R and R.

Level Of evolution Affects Ability To Be Possessed
The evolution of the entity has everything to do with whether there is a chance of possession. The higher one is in evolution, and the stronger he is, is important. With this strength comes the ability to “ward off” any who has the desire to possess the body. The level of evolution does not have as much bearing on attachment, but the more highly evolved an entity is the higher in evolution will be those who attach to him because like attracts like. If one has progressed to where they like to listen to classical music then one who is not interested in this music will not hang around. It is as simple as that. Therefore, your activities on the earth plane will not only dictate your circle of friends and acquaintances on the earth plane, but also your circle of attachments from the inner planes.

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