Reprogramming the Brain – Starting New Brain Patterns

People are capable of reprogramming their brain. They can block memories of earlier times and of using bad attitudes, by compressing them and putting them in the memory part of the brain, the storage shed, in other words. This will allow new brain patterns to start afresh. The animal-based brain of man is capable of negative changes and the inner being or their spiritual thoughts are capable of positive changes. This is true for each person’s life. The hierarchy of their thoughts is what manifests in their daily lives. If they are bringing through animal-based brain thoughts, they manifest in negative energy. If they bring through spiritual thought it manifests in positive energy.

The following is an exercise for beginning new brain patterns. Using creative visualization put what you want to achieve into a bubble and blow up this bubble. If you want your business to become quite successful, put it into a bubble. If you want the same for your relationships and all other areas of your life, put all of these into individual bubbles and blow them up. Your mind can hold them all. It can focus on all of them at once to the exclusion of all else. Each one of them, then, needs to be put into outline form inside the bubble – time, place and action outlines for what you wish to accomplish on each project and by what time.

These bubbles will be in front of you at all times with one particular bubble highlighted at any given time. Then add two more bubbles, one with your relationship to all humanity in it and one that has you, yourself, inside it. This is a very important bubble and there will be many times during the day when that particular bubble will be highlighted in your mind. This will be a signal to you that you need to have some attention. It will then be up to you to check your time outline on yourself and see what it is that must be done.

Get a picture of these bubbles or balloons and put a certain color to each of them, any color that feels right to you. You could actually draw them out on paper and visually create them in your mind during a meditation. Then partition off your day and focus on that particular balloon or bubble until the task is done. Then your motor goes into idle or neutral until the next balloon comes into focus. Everything pertaining to your daily existence will be in one category. Everything having to do with your emotional needs, etc. will all be on the outline. Take this step and you will progress from here and will welcome your new life.

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