Ten Points To Ponder

You must have the inner strength to steer your own course. Ask yourself these questions each and every day:

1. What do I want to accomplish?

2. How can I best accomplish it?

3. Will I have to make changes to accomplish it?

4. How many others will I affect?

5. Will they suffer from my decision?

6. Do I really want to accomplish this?

7. What am I willing to sacrifice?

8. Is it really important to my evolution?

9. If so, what am I waiting for?

10. How much time do I think I have left?

You on the earth plane are experimenting and sending those in the higher planes the results of your experiments.

They then take all this material and condense it and come up with overview thoughts.

These thoughts are then sent back to you for experimentation and this, then, returns to them.

It is a cyclic ebb and flow of information that will progress the human race.

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