The Creation Suite – I am Your Sun, I am Your Son

It is I who see all
From a viewpoint high above
A swirling cloud of energy
With thoughts of peace and love.

I have legions I employ
And get many tasks done
I am the energy for your universe
I am your Sun, I am your Son.

Gases swirled and exploded
Raining fire and ashes down onto Earth below
As we watched hushed and silent
He is our Sun.

The power and the glory of God
Will be forever
He is our Sun
He is our Son.

The planets moved away from their birthplace
And as the first one was lifted and on its own
It was beautiful to see, like a babe taking its first step
This first born Sun, This first born Son.

As each moved off into the Cosmos, the silence was broken, by a musical tone
The Spirit Mind was still connected to each one, through a tiny line
This is the way He sends His thought down, to all His children
They were each a Sun, they were a Son.

The Creator’s thoughts formed into sunsets and dawns
Then joined with other groups to worship their Father
They were His Suns
They were all His Sons.

They gathered two by two in silence
Then joined in purity
And joined in Harmony
A chorus strong and whole and beautiful to see.

Suddenly came discontent
Then came the storms
Winds started howling
Rain came pouring down

The lightning flashed
The storms grew angrier
With the power and glory of our Sun

The thunder rolled, the lightning flashed and reached out
As each grew larger, stronger, hotter
Reaching further, growing meaner, tensions building, tempers growing
Then the lightning bolts exploded, sizzled, sparks drifted down.

As the fire came raining down
Everything was covered
First the ground was washed all over
With a light and glistening rain
Over which God hovered.

Next came the coating on all the trees and beautiful flowers
Giving them luster of their own
So they could reflect the perfect light
Of the only Sun.

Then came the fire and glory
That shattered into sparks that glowed
And found their home in us.

We were really quite blessed
To receive this love
This love of our Father.

What a most glorious gift
We must perfect our souls
So we can return to our Father.

The power and the glory
The fire and the beauty
The pain and the love.

The wonder of Him who adored us
From His home above
You are His Son,
He is our Sun.

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