The Difference between Instinct and Intuition

A child’s intuition is quite strong. Adults don’t realize this and try to dominate their children’s lives with their own interpretations and opinions, when quite often they should let the child express his feelings. The least that should be done is to let him express himself and include his ideas for consideration as part of the decision making process.

The intuition is that part of one that is a composite of all acquired knowledge from the beginning of time. The more incarnations one has had, the stronger the intuition. It is that part of us that gives a little shiver of acknowledgment when something that is said or read rings true for us. The intuition is the seed core in each of us that is carried over from one lifetime to another. It is a reservoir of knowledge that grows steadily larger with each experience. It is not the same as instinct. Instinct is a function of our lower nature and intuition is of the higher nature.

Instinct Refined to Intuition will Open the Channel
As the human progresses he becomes more aware of a feeling of bonding with the different kingdoms at different stages of his growth. At the present time there is no precise order that this awareness progresses through, but it is all leading to the same point, that of instinct becoming refined to intuition. In the future, early schooling will focus on the ability to transmute instinct to intuition.

The way to sharpen up the intuition is by interacting with other people and also with the animal and plant kingdoms. Intuition would be an opening of feeling as to what is going on within a plant, sensing, when looking at a plant, what shape or what condition it’s in. Is it happy? Does it look sad? Is it undernourished? Is it not loved? Then moving on to the animal, even greater communication is possible. Intuition is a feeling of knowing what a certain animal is all about, how they will react to each situation, depending on their state of physical health at the time. Animals will have the ability to help teach children in the future, as intuition will be learned and practiced with animals first. After a sensing of animals, the human will begin to apply this ability to his fellow humans.

This is the beginning of becoming intuitive, which is a forerunner of more in-depth channeling. All this is to sharpen your intuition, not your instinct. Your instinct is a natural, inborn quality that you have; you don’t have to sharpen it. It was a gift and it’s this instinct that you’re transmuting into intuition. Working with plants, animals, and humans, not necessarily in that order, but with all three, will help with the breakthrough into transmuting this intuition into actual channeling.

Intuition is Forerunner to Channeling
When one gets a subtle feeling, or some other subtle communication, this is intuition and is a forerunner of channeling. The intuition needs to be worked on and developed and will eventually turn into actual channeling. You can’t say that intuition is a form of channeling but rather that it is a forerunner of the actual process of channeling. Intuition has grown out of instinct of the animal-based brain and is a sign of the beginning influence of the soul on the incarnation.

Expansion of the Mind
The more one can wonder and expand the mind, the more freedom the intuition has to express itself and this causes more mind expansion which gives more opportunity for the intuition to show itself. It’s like a circle, like a rubber band, this expansion of the mind. It is circular and can stretch and contract and, as it is used, it begins to stay stretched out a little more instead of always going back to its original little size. The interpretation of symbols is a difficult form of mental exercise, but an excellent way to make one wonder and question things and look for that which is below the surface of events and people’s attitudes.

The intuition must not be confused with the desires and wishes we all have. These desires and wishes take the form of fantasy, while intuition is a concrete feeling of knowing absolutely without a doubt that something is so. The more light illuminating your mind, the more understanding you have of others and the more love you feel for all humanity. This is what makes up intuition.

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