The Haarp Project

This material came through about 20 years ago. Please take this into consideration when time is mentioned in the article.

The HAARP project is not dangerous to the world or its people. It is the coming technology necessary for the world to continue evolving into the fourth dimension. This technology was indeed given by space people and will be the means by which communication with other planets will be established. It is not going to be used for evil purposes, although there are those who are suspect of it and believe that it is going to be used to spy on humans’ privacy.

Those in charge of the project are much too evolved for that to happen. If it were to fall into the wrong hands, for instance a government with unevolved leaders wanting to gain control of other countries, then it would be dangerous. This is the only danger and for that reason it must be guarded with secrecy and protected against assault of any kind, even from those from lower evolved planets. In fact, there is more danger from lower evolved planets at this time than there is from any in our country.

The way HAARP works is it takes the inverted wavelengths of communications to use. The lower radio waves are in use for all our earth bound communications. The waves that HAARP uses are the same ones used by channels such as myself. This is why information on the project is being picked up by channels and then, as to be expected, a certain amount of it is misinterpreted.

It will allow the channeling that is being done today by humans to be accessed by technical means and brought onto the earth by transmission lines rather than by using human beings. Can you not see how this could speed up the evolutionary process on our planet? I know from experience myself how much of my own energy is expended when transmitting, plus the energy of those I’m in contact with. If all this energy can be accessed and exchanged to a system that is mechanical and still be trustworthy, then this is the way to proceed.

The good points of this are it will not have misinterpretation by human channels. There still may be misinterpretation from those sending the information, but not due to any desire to mislead, only due to not having sufficient knowledge. The first transmissions to come out of this project will have to be carefully analyzed and tested. It will most likely be another ten years before it is truly dependable. I hope people will not further the paranoia that is already hooked to this project as being subversive to individual rights and privacy. It is in the hands of those in the higher dimensions and there it will stay.

This project has been put into place to ease the transition of the earth into the fourth dimension. Its seeds were sown approximately thirty years ago and it will not be fully functional for probably another twenty years. It is evolving as it is being built. The same process has been used to bring this new technology down to the earth plane as is used for all new inventions.

The idea is conceived on the inner planes, in the thoughts processes of humans walking the earth. It is brought into their conscious thought processes by communication with the higher part of their mind – their former and future incarnations that are on the inner planes. The former incarnations are included because some of them have the knowledge and skills that the one on the earth does not consciously have in this lifetime. Therefore these former incarnations are needed in this process to make the person able to understand what the future incarnations are giving. This is why “channeling” or connecting to your inner being must come about in the logical manner of first tapping into past incarnations, then those in the same time frame as the present incarnation and then those incarnations in the future. This is how it must work.

Regardless, those bringing this HAARP project through onto the earth plane entered this incarnation with this as their sole purpose. They have been studying on the inner planes and now are here in manifestation to help it become a reality. It seems there is one aspect of mine that is involved with this project, albeit one that I have not been in contact with in this life because it was not planned to be thus. However, it does make it easier for me to get “inside” the purpose and use of this project and to ignore all the scare rumors that are being bandied about.

The manipulation of the air currents or energy waves around the planet for communication purposes will also disturb weather patterns. It was known that this would happen and it is slowing the progress of the project down. Each step of the way they must carefully evaluate what effect a certain manipulation of currents is going to have on the weather on the planet. This has been going on for the past thirty years or so as given and will continue. This is the changeover period. This is also the process that will lift the planet into a new orbit. This is needed to ever be able to make contact with the inner world a possibility due to the pollution surrounding the planet.

The only way for earth to become a spiritual planet and take her rightful place is for this communication with the Creator at all levels to be able to be accessed easily by everyone. The only way this can happen is for the aura around the planet to be clean. The weather disturbances are due to the manipulation of the energy waves which is being done to raise earth up to an unpolluted area to allow communication to take place with the Creator. This is the action that will allow her to take her rightful place as a spiritual planet.

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