The Mind Compared to a Phonograph Record

In the beginning is an animal form. The physical form being formed and given birth to has developed a brain with a motor control center. The combination of these two, the organ and its functioning mechanism, is what is referred to as the animal-based brain when speaking of the baby and child up to the age of four.

When the motor control center becomes activated after six weeks, it could be considered the beginning of forming the mind. The mind is a “thing” that has so physical substance in the body. It is not able to be seen at any stage of its being. It is a thought form, perhaps is the best way to put it, but this is not exactly right either. It is really an electrical field, or a force field that has thought impressions put into it.

Picture it, for understanding, as a phonograph record that has a surface that can be easily impressed. This surface is divided into different sections. One section is for use by the motor control center, the next section is for use by the soul in incarnation, the next by the soul on the inner planes. The overall phonograph record is then for use by the overshadowing spirit. This is the mind that is being described.

The motor control center uses the phonograph record to impress physical actions such as walking, eating, elimination of waste, playing the piano, swimming, any of the physical body functions that are controlled by the motor center of nerves and muscles. The motor control center has total use of this mind until the age of four. At that time the pineal gland becomes activated and begins refining and polishing the basic skills set by the motor control center. It takes these basic skills and determines how to best cultivate them for use by the personality he would like to shape out of the raw skills turned over to him by the motor control center. This is the process of forming the personality. The personality, then, is part of the mind, the make-believe phonograph record, which is all part of the animal-based brain.

The personality then becomes a separate section of the phonograph record from the motor control functions, but these functions have been sharpened and refined by the soul so are more highly usable, more able to function on their own without the heavy hand of the motor control center. They are eventually interwoven with the personality which is almost like a puffy cloud above the phonograph record which is representing the mind. The personality is the essence of the motor control center and the soul in incarnation, but is separate from the thought processes of the mind at this time.

The soul in incarnation has an area of this phonograph record that is all his own little area. He transferred here the stuff he brought with him that has been in hibernation in the pineal gland. This leaves the pineal gland empty once again. The soul in incarnation has moved out. He has moved his baggage to a new apartment in the phonograph record or the mind.

Now we have the thought process part of the mind well established but separate from the personality. This personality has, meanwhile, continued to hone and sharpen the skills that have moved out of the motor control center. These skills then begin combining with the thought process part of the mind, which is the incarnated soul, remember, and they work in harness towards the first stage of synthesization, the soul-infused personality.

Meanwhile, the empty pineal gland is still inhabited by the half of soul not in incarnation. Both halves of the soul actually enter the body at birth or shortly before or shortly after. When it comes time for the half that will incarnate to move into the mind, or the phonograph record that is part of the physical brain of the animal form, the half that is to stay on the inner planes remains in the pineal gland. It does its job of replacing shrinking animal cellular structure with its own essence, the God substance, an ethereal matter, which is also what the “mind” is at this time. The pineal gland is a gland that secretes the ethereal substance to all the cells through the blood stream.

The soul-infused personality is now able to reach back into the thought section of the mind or phonograph record and retrieve the stuff the incarnated soul stored there as what it wanted to draw on to help this lifetime. It has managed to instill some of the thought it brought with it into the personality and has been able to instill enough that it gives the personality not only the ability, but also the desire to retrieve the rest of the baggage, in order to learn more about itself. This is the process leading to the second stage of synthesization.

While all of this is taking place the motor control center of the animal-based brain is also growing, not only larger physically, but also stronger mentally. What is meant by this is the portion of the phonograph record that it used has developed its own thinking capacity due to the motor control duties having moved up to the fluffy personality. This allows it to reach back into the cellular structure of the animal-based brain and retrieve its own set of memories through the cells of physical matter. These cells are retreating due to the influence of the incarnated soul.

These memories of animal evolution come to the surface, up through the brain stem where they gather when retreating from the active cells of the body. They enter into conflict with the thought section of the phonograph record or mind that the incarnated soul is using. There is a battle for control of the space on the phonograph record. At this time, contact with the half of the soul on the inner planes is imperative and this is the process worked on diligently by the incarnated soul in its battle with the animal cellular memories. This whole process lasts through mind dimension levels 4-5-6.

The personality goes through agony over the battle taking place and becomes an emotional cripple at times due to the battle. It is a time that an emotional release by the soul is very important. This is when the agonies of the soul need to be released through some form of art. As the animal cellular memories are using the physical vehicles for their expression and release at this stage the soul has no means of expression and is being repressed. The release of tension through the arts can help the incarnated soul make contact, through the fog and smoke of the battleground (illusion), with the half of the soul on the inner planes, in the pineal gland. There is a breakthrough made finally and the two combine forces and open up a connection telepathically with, not only each other, but also with the teachers and guides who are nested inside the half of soul on the inner planes.

This opens up the whole area of mind dimension levels 7-8-9 and gains control of the mind or phonograph record for the use of the two halves of the soul. They have conquered the “dweller within” (referring to an Alice Bailey/Djwal Kuhl figure of speech) and the battlefield is theirs, the total area or surface of the mind or phonograph record.

But remember, the personality is floating above this record. The personality meanwhile has watched the battle and has grown and evolved while all this is taking place. When the battle ends and the two halves are joined, the personality begins riding the clouds out further away from the phonograph record and allows the intelligent reasoning mind to be built on the phonograph record through the advice and wisdom of all that has been opened up through the access of the half of soul on the inner planes. This personality absorbs all of the spiritual wonder as though from an overview and actually begins to take on the aura of the blended halves of the soul. This personality still has the original qualities from the animal-based brain that control the body functions and motor skills.

When the personality begins to rise and draw on the qualities of the blended soul, then the physical actions that were controlled in the beginning by the motor control center rise even further away from the need to be controlled by any part of the physical body. This allows for self-healing and eventually would allow physical action by the use of the mind which is where the blended half of the soul is. This is done by the fluffy personality permeating the mind.

It is all a very complicated process. The personality eventually separates off another puff of energy that is the aura of the blended soul, separate from the personality. This aura has no part of animal evolution left in it and this is what is meant by the term overshadowing spirit. It is total spiritual energy that is a combination of the two halves of the soul along with the spiritual qualities that were instilled in the personality along the way. It is the individual overshadowing spirit of that entity because it has the essence of the soul and the personality both in it. The overshadowing spirit is an essence.

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