The Seven Spirits to Wash the Earth

The Spirit of Truth
The Spirit of Joy
The Spirit of Willingness
The Spirit of Glory
The Spirit of Revelation
The Spirit of Perseverance
The Spirit of Fulfillment

The Spirit of Truth (exposes wrong thinking)
When the Spirit of Truth is reached there will be no more “passing the buck.” Each must stand firm on his own decisions and consequent actions based on those decisions. Perhaps living your life this way must start with the small things, the day to day events that make up the biggest share of our lives. If you tell someone you’ll do something, please follow through and do it. If you do not want to do it, please be honest and say so from the beginning rather than say you will and then not follow through. Those whom the Spirit of Truth touches are most often gentle people as far as their personalities. They are pliable, bendable and listen to the soft voice inside them that whispers at all times the truth of a situation to them. The Spirit of Truth pervades the new culture that is moving over the earth. It moves as a shadow would, caused that is, by the sun above, but is as a “shadow” of brilliant light, a floodlight, if you will, from above, that will light up every part of the earth’s surface. Even the glaciers on the previously shadowed side of the mountains will be illuminated, giving them the opportunity to dissolve dirt and hardened snow and ice formed millions of years ago and set as though in concrete. They will be illuminated and offered the opportunity to change form, as will all on earth be given this opportunity. This is the work of the Spirit of Truth, the first of the Seven Spirits to wash earth as she makes her transition into the fourth dimension of love and light.

The Spirit of Joy (brings understanding)
The spirit to wash the earth when the Spirit of Truth has done its work will be the Spirit of Joy. This spirit is one that takes up when the Spirit of Truth has exposed the wrong thinking of humanity in all areas. Then joy comes washing over the earth – joy at understanding at long last, where all the misunderstanding came from; joy that it will not, cannot happen again; joy that the change-over process can begin in earnest; joy that none need to hide the truth any longer. How could all not be joyful with this? The Spirit of Joy is one that has no anger or resentment attached to it. This will be in the near future, when the time is right. The more who get ready now, the sooner this joyous spirit will appear. The human psyche is the one thing that indeed must change and evolve because the human form it is encased in will change and evolve. It does not have free will to make the decision and any personality who refuses to change will find itself unable to survive in the coming change-over process. The Spirit of Joy will soon start her trip across the lands and waters and all will be in harmonious, glorious peace.

The Spirit of Willingness (desires to learn and grow)
The next in the seven-fold ascent will be the Spirit of Willingness; wanting to learn and grow; eager to be a better reflection of God; wanting to get started on the path that will lead to the expression of the self; willing to give up all material desires for the opportunity to learn and grow and develop into a beautiful man or woman.

The Spirit of Glory (takes delight in small pleasures)
The next would be the Spirit of Glory. This will be taking delight in small pleasures and beauty in all forms; but glorying in the fact that you are part of the New creation, the New Beginning in man’s mind. The Spirit of Glory, of course, encompasses the spirits ahead of her – those of Truth, Joy and Willingness.

The Spirit of Revelation (unfolds secrets of universe)
After the Spirit of Glory comes the Spirit of Revelation; that of unfoldment of the secrets of the universe and the existence of all. This spirit is one that most on the earth must be ready for and it will not, cannot, wash over the earth until the way has been prepared by the previous spirits.

The Spirit of Perseverance (stays on the path)
The true path is one you must walk every day of your life. But know always that you do not walk alone. When you set your feet on the true path, you are protected, loved and guided by those in the upper realms who have been with you, helping you to bring the inner into the outer expression. They are there for guidance at all times, if you will, but just stop for one second and ask for help. “Ask and you shall receive,” were the words of Master Jesus. So simple yet so very, very important. Because if you do not ask your teachers and guides cannot help. Once this contact has been accomplished then comes the discouragement, the period where you realize that it must be incorporated into your daily lives or what good is it? It cannot be just a once a week philosophy. That does not work.

The Spirit of Fulfillment (enables spiritual communion)
Communion is a symbol of wanting to be like the Christ was. Communion should be a ritual that is only allowed after the higher and lower natures have been brought together. This was the original, true meaning of communion, the bread being symbolic of the lower nature and the blood symbolic of the higher nature. Only the individual will be aware of when the synthesization takes place. The celebration of communion is a very personal act and his conscience should guide him as to when he could participate in it.

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