The Universe Compared to a Whipped Cream Salad

Yes, there is a God, a powerful, all-pervading energy whose presence is everywhere in everything. It is an energy field filled with thoughts so potent they are dangerous in the wrong hands and used for the wrong purpose. It is all so complicated that one is at a loss as to how to pull it all together for explanation.

To explain God in a very simple manner, please picture a whipped cream fruit salad. God is the mixture in which all else takes place, the ingredient without which there would be nothing. Without the whipped cream as the holding ingredient, all parts of the salad would fall apart. The fruit are individual themselves in the whipped cream; they still retain their taste and characteristics, but without the whipped cream they have little relationship to each other, except for the fact that they are all fruit. God is the agent that bonds all together into a finished product.

At the bottom of the bowl, the energy (whipped cream) is bubbling and churning (picture a blender.) The different fruits are right on top of this bubbling and every so often an extremely strong bubble will be right under one piece of fruit, say a cherry or a grape. The bubble will propel this piece of fruit to the surface where it will float in one position (say the stem is up on the cherry) even though it is moving around the bowl, unless a strong bubble pops to the surface beside it. This will cause it to shift its position so the stem points a slightly different direction. It will stay afloat until the time when an extremely strong pull of suction from below will pull it under.

The bubbling at the bottom of the bowl, (spinning blades of the blender), is the center of God, the true center of our universe. We are like the pieces of fruit on the surface of the whipped cream going away from the bubbles. It is all an action of ebb and flow. We are never really away from God, because we are always in the whipped cream mixture.

When picturing the universe as a bowl of whipped cream salad the size of a football field, one should picture earth as one tiny cherry. See this football field inflated, as a football itself is and in the center visualize the bubble making machine. It is constantly at work; it never stops its action, so things it affects must always be changing.

The overall picture is one of the universe in constant motion. When a star sinks into a black hole (sucked under by a bubble in the whipped cream), it does not disintegrate to be no more. It simply waits with the rest of the bubbles to be popped to the surface again in a different time and place. When it does pop to the surface again, it must go through a cooling period. When it has cooled it starts the process of evolution all over again.

There is no destruction of the stars, just appearances and disappearances. The football field sized universe with earth as a cherry and the sun as a peach, perhaps a grapefruit would be a better size comparison for the sun, are all part of the same solar system. There are many solar systems in our galaxy and there are many, many galaxies, each with many solar systems.

This article was excerpted from the “Timeline of Eternity” by Norma Hickox and is available at

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