Thoughts on Graduation from the Earth Plane

Humans are at the separation time that has been spoken of erroneously for two thousand years, misinterpreted from Jesus’ words that He would gather His own to Him; that two would be standing side by side in the field and one would be smote down and the other lifted up. This is the time of separation that was being referred to.

Those being lifted up are not being taken to heaven. They are being raised in their consciousness by the calling of all souls for whom this is a reality. Those being “smote down” are not being knocked to the ground or killed or anything like that. The misinterpretation was very bad when the translating of these words was done. What was meant was that they were not ready, as far as soul accomplishment, to open up to the new consciousness which is as though being passed from the third grade mentality to the fourth. It is this difference in third dimensional consciousness and fourth dimensional consciousness that is doing the separating. It is soul dictated. If one is ready, he will be “gathered up,” if not he will be “smote down.” It is as simple as that.

Those gathered up are directly responsible for the changes needed in Mother Earth herself to raise the planet to fourth dimensional consciousness. When all those who are “gathered up” raise their vibratory fields, and apply this new vibratory rate to helping the Earth herself rise up in vibratory rate, then will those who were “smote down” be able to rise up also. Those being “gathered up” are the leaders, those “smote down,” the followers. It is all a matter a soul evolution. This is ever true in all kingdoms. There will be this division on every plane of evolution that all kingdoms go through.

Graduation from Earth Plane
The Universal Laws (Spiritual Concepts) have never been set down on paper before. There are fine lines of distinction between the misinterpreted teachings and the real true teachings. These fine lines are so subtle that no one has attempted to define the Universal Laws from a spiritual standpoint, not a religious standpoint, and there is a difference, be it ever so small. It is difficult to take a nebulous thought-form and make it fit into an exact shape, which is what must be done to itemize these laws for humanity. For those in the higher realms, they are a part of their very atmosphere. They live and breathe them and never question them.

The Universal Laws are subtle. They quite often have been misinterpreted by religious groups. The true meaning of most of them is coming from such a totally different angle than religions have ever taught that it stuns people; it shocks people when they hear what the true meaning of something is. Humanity simply isn’t ready to understand most of it. The Universal Laws can be stated in black and white, but of these laws it is the spiritual interpretation that will be much more difficult than man-made laws, because the interpretation of the Universal Laws is from a higher viewpoint. It is as difficult for the higher beings to try to bring them down as it is for those on the bottom to try to understand them at the higher level.

Universal Laws Are Breakdown of the Golden Rule
The Universal Laws actually are a breakdown of the one law, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Remember that all true Universal Laws will be simple. Explanations of them will be kept as simple as possible so they will be of more value to the man in the street, which is who they are for.

They must be applicable to all, no matter what age, what level of evolution and how intelligent they are. Each must be able to relate to them on their level and receive the same guidance from them, the same interpretation in terms they can understand. It would certainly be a challenge to write a separate interpretation of the Universal Laws for each level of the human mind, but there truly is no need for this as they automatically take care of this themselves.

Right Motive for Action
What is the one right motive for any action? It should be love, but that would box it in with one word. Any motive that serves to show a desire for a better world on any level of existence is correct motive. Quite often the motive is pure and true, but the action taken as a result of the motive may be wrong. If the God Within each of us is contacted before an action is taken, then it will be the correct action as a result of the correct motive, because God is Action, remember.

In the course of a lifetime of actions, most people would have approximately only 10% of those actions coming from their God Within. This is a shocking proportion, but absolutely true. For most of humanity the Inner God comes forward only at times of great stress and these times do not come that often in a total lifetime. If your life was at this stress peak any more often than that you could not survive the turmoil, unless, of course, you kept the God Within always at the forefront. Anyone who does this can live with great stress and perhaps even thrive. For some the God Within does not come forward even at very stressful moments. How can there ever be peace in the world until this God is found and externalized?

When this is understood, then love will come spontaneously for all. It cannot take place at the present time. What each one professes as love at this time is a by-product of egotism. They mouth the words to go with the demonstration given them by different societies, cultures and organized religions. Even when one truly professes to love another, it is because they get some satisfaction out of “doing what is expected of them” by society. A member of the animal kingdom more truly expresses and feels true love than any human being can, as true love is found in the instinct portion of the animal brain. The type of love many feel for friends or members of a church group is usually based on intellect, sometimes on intuition, and very rarely on instinct.

This instinct, so at the forefront of the animal brain in animals, is the only “result” of the animal’s piece of divine energy, so animals do indeed express their God Within through their actions. For the most part, this instinct of the animal brain has been replaced in humans by intellect. It should be replaced by intuition, but in most the intellect takes over and expresses through the actions. This is not humanities’ God Within. This intellect is just a higher level of the animal brain as it appears in humans. The intuition is where the God Within will express in humans. This is the divine piece of energy within our makeup that should replace the animal instinct.

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