We Were Not Meant To Lose Contact With Our Creator

Channeling is the voice of the spirit within each human being; it is the voice of your God Within, if you will. It is within everyone, let there be no mistake about it. As to whether it is reached or not depends on many things.

Anyone can do it. In fact, many already do channeling and have just accepted it as a part of themselves and never questioned where this inner voice came from. They are the ones who have already bonded with this inner part, or become synthesized (joined lower and higher selves) in other lifetimes. You will find them at a higher level of intelligence. This is what it’s all about after all, achieving the higher mind, which simply will be seen as higher intelligence.

Channeling Different for All
Channeling takes many different forms with many different people. It won’t always be as words being heard in your head or thought pictures. It could come just as thoughts. If this is the way a channel is developing it will most likely be a vocal channel as opposed to a writing channel. This person will speak the thoughts. This is his form of channeling, instead of writing the thoughts. It is every bit as valid a channel as the written channel.

There are others who bring this channel through the arts, who channel inspiration from the higher realms into their paintings, into their music, and most definitely into theatrical performances. The making of a great actor is his ability to channel the thought processes of the character he is developing (this is a slightly different meaning of the term channeling). He actually gives birth to this character inside his mind and channels that through. This would be a form of “brain channeling.” That kind of acting is in a category by itself.

This does not apply to art and music. Art and music are simply a different language for expressing the thought pattern, the thought pictures that come through from the higher realms. One person will bring these through in writing, another in speaking, others in painting, music, dance, or perhaps skating. Any of these arts, the movement, patterns, colors and harmonies are all being channeled. When a writer writes the channeling, these are all there in the writing. As a matter of fact, if a channel were to write in different colors when at the computer, it would make the interpretation of the material easier.

Understanding of Channeling is Progressing
With the breakthrough into the understanding of channeling, which is part of our divine heritage, much forward progress has been made. The ability to do channeling was looked upon as witchcraft for many centuries, even to the point of “burning at the stake” those who did this. Do you realize the significant progress that has been achieved in the last few years? Can you imagine the reaction to some of our books and shows several years ago?

Thousands of years ago, only those with a highly evolved background could do this channeling. Thus they were, and rightly should have been, revered as teachers and prophets. But the level they reached with their channeling was not nearly as high a source as most today are capable of reaching. (When Master Jesus said, “What I do, you can do also,” could it have been channeling he was speaking of?) There were not as many highly evolved souls in the other dimensions, at that time, to respond with intelligence. Therefore, some who could contact other dimensions did so with a lower level of evolved souls. As progress is made on the earth plane, so also in the “voice within” able to make contact with more intelligent thoughts and ideas in the other dimensions.

We are in the early phase of this stage of evolution and many are able to open the channel in this lifetime. Some have opened it in previous lifetimes and many will open it in the following lifetime. Most children being born today will have the channel readily able to open with proper education. Herein lies the only control factor of this stage of evolution, education as to the proper use of the ability to channel. This is the ability to communicate with your inner being, the unseen parts of you that make up the total you.

Instinct Refined to Intuition will Open the Channel
As the human progresses he becomes more aware of a feeling of bonding with the different kingdoms at different stages of his growth. At the present time there is no precise order that this awareness progresses through, but it is all leading to the same point, that of instinct becoming refined to intuition. In the future, early schooling will focus on the ability to transmute instinct to intuition.

The way to sharpen up the intuition is by interacting with other people and also with the animal and plant kingdoms. Intuition would be an opening of feeling as to what is going on within a plant, sensing, when looking at a plant, what shape or what condition it’s in. Is it happy? Does it look sad? Is it undernourished? Is it not loved? Then moving on to the animal, even greater communication is possible. Intuition is a feeling of knowing what a certain animal is all about, how they will react to each situation, depending on their state of physical health at the time. Animals will have the ability to help teach children in the future, as intuition will be learned and practiced with animals first. After a sensing of animals, the human will begin to apply this ability to his fellow humans.

This is the beginning of becoming intuitive, which is a forerunner of more in-depth channeling. All this is to sharpen your intuition, not your instinct. Your instinct is a natural, inborn quality that you have; you don’t have to sharpen it. It was a gift and it’s this instinct that you’re transmuting into intuition. Working with plants, animals, and humans, not necessarily in that order, but with all three, will help with the breakthrough into transmuting this intuition into actual channeling.

Intuition is Forerunner to Channeling
When one gets a subtle feeling, or some other subtle communication, this is intuition and is a forerunner of channeling. The intuition needs to be worked on and developed and will eventually turn into actual channeling. You can’t say that intuition is a form of channeling but rather that it is a forerunner of the actual process of channeling. Intuition has grown out of instinct of the animal-based brain and is a sign of the beginning influence of the soul on the incarnation.

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