When Planning Special Events You Inner Being Must Be Involved

Nothing can take place on the outer levels until it has taken place on the inner. You cannot create your vision of what you want in an isolation tank. Your vision of what you want must include others on the inner levels or it will not include others on the outer levels. This can be instigated by deliberate conscious thought of others while making plans such as for seminars, workshops or celebrations. Deliberate thought will help, but the best way is for spontaneous contact by being free floating on the inner levels and roaming and briefly touching others and then allowing others to be drawn to you because of what you have to offer them to aid their pathway upon the Earth.

You can have much to offer and possibly are helping many, but you can help many more if the inner levels can be involved. Following the path of personal power and enlightenment is the correct way for spiritual growth to take place, and this is fine if that is your goal, your own spiritual growth, but if you are sincerely wanting to help others then the inner work must encompass others and not be as self-focused. One cannot be so self-contained.

Training in Eckankar would allow for a soul bonding in spirit with many others that would then draw these others to you in the outer life. That which is drawn together in the inner will draw together in the outer. This is a universal law. Therefore, any training that allows for contact with others on the inner levels will increase your drawing ability in the outer life. If you are focused inwardly, but only upon your own inner beingness you are not open to contact with others on the inner levels, therefore there is no outward bonding or drawing together; you are isolated within yourself. The practice of Eckankar is that of soul travel which will encourage circulation on the inner levels and contact will take place that cannot possibly take place on the outer levels.

You must have the intent, when retiring for the night, to make contact with those interested in what it is you have to offer. This must be a deliberate thought in your mind before retiring, that you will do telemarketing on the inner levels. There are many who are able to do this inner level reaching, thereby hastening the outer manifestation. They just need their memories jogged that they must prime the pump, so to speak, to get things rolling on the outer levels.

So not only does the initial planning come forth from the inner levels, but the rudimentary footwork must also be done there. This is where most people fall down. They allow the inner being to give the creative thought and then think that the inner being has done its part and the rest is up to the outer being. This is not true. The inner being must be a part of the process all the way through.

Most people only allow the inner being back into the process on the day of the happening, the seminar or other special event, but all inner thought and work between the inception of the idea and the physical manifestation of the event cannot be on self-growth with no reaching out to others, in other words not doing the inner work on the project.

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