Your Spiritual Journey – More Description of Planet (Inner Plane) 7

When you move on to the seventh plane you begin to work towards being a teacher yourself. This applies both exoterically and esoterically from plane six on. Up until that time there was a division between exoteric and esoteric life, but not from plane six on. There is harmony and oneness as the whole spark. Now this is not total synthesization because that cannot happen until the higher planes where the next convolution into your seedcore takes place. When you reach a certain point, where you’ve gone up high enough then you start reaching a conglomerate. This would be at level seven.

The bands of color that are seen around those on the inner planes do denote their progress. The lower planes have, believe it or not, more colors, many colors. The more evolved have fewer and eventually settle into one color band. The teaching ray that is having the biggest influence on a student is the more predominant color at that particular time.

The yellow band is the band of wisdom and knowledge. The green is the band of intelligence. The yellow or gold band is the soul’s forte; the green is the personality’s. One may have a great storehouse of wisdom and knowledge, but not the intelligence to put it to use; or rather one may have the intelligence, but not be using it. If so, the wisdom and knowledge will be useless.

Eventually the green band will widen out and be equal with the gold and the two will be absorbed into the blue band which is protective custody of all teachings. When the blue band then is blended with the pink, which is love, it will become the purple band of a master teacher. The colors do not mix and blend as an artist would do; they flow from one to another.

No two color bands are ever the same. They are as individual as the fingerprints of each human body, and are used for identification records in the computer rooms. The color bands are coded into the Akashic records of each individual.

It is not only how many colors, or what colors, but also the depth and brilliance of each color that is recorded. There are many shades and hues and dimness and brightness and also a shimmer factor that enters in. Reading auras on the earth plane is a much more difficult task than on the inner planes where they are easily read.

The colors for music, rays of teachings, healing and planets are all the same. It is difficult to box them into the earth colors and this is why they are misinterpreted. Some see them as one thing, some another due to all the different factors. The ones given you: first, red; second, orange; third, yellow; fourth, green; fifth, blue; sixth, pink (later given as indigo); and seventh, white (or violet) are as accurate as can be to compare with what most humanity determines to be a certain color. The white of the seventh is so pure as to reflect the two previous colors at times and at other times also to reflect the two ahead of it. Due to the shimmering, pearly, deep look of the white, one could interpret it in many ways. A slight bit of color blindness would confuse orange and yellow or blue and green, etc.

All those from other galaxies and solar systems have different ways of interpreting colors. Each planet has its own color band itself and this determines the interpreting of colors for that particular planet.

When a new solar system is forming, the whirling dust will act as though in a centrifuge and while spinning, the particles will group together and form planets. It is amazing to watch this take place. It is beautiful. Swirling colors first blend, then separate to blend again and separate again. At the final forming, all colors will separate into their own and this determines the colors of the different planets.

Earth’s color is truly green, but is being misinterpreted as blue by those who are viewing it from your moon. From further out in space it truly shows emerald green.

The colors relate as follows:
Red 1st ray C tone Orion
Orange 2nd ray D tone Placida
Yellow 3rd ray E tone Mars
Green 4th ray F tone Earth
Blue 5th ray G tone Saturn
Pink 6th ray A tone Sirion
White 7th ray B tone Venus

The colors are tied to the musical keytones that all humans have. One is a visual l.D. and the other an audio l.D.

Here on the seventh planet, the cities are crisscrossed or braided with crystal overhead. Many other designs are used also, and these overhead patterns form prisms which reflect colors, gorgeous colors. This is our atmosphere. The rays of the sun are bent and twisted and layered automatically to produce exactly the right climate conditions. Our atmosphere shimmers because of the water vapor which is produced by the reaction of light from the prisms on certain materials found in the soil. The vapor is lighted by the prisms at the same time that it is formed. This produces an atmosphere of shimmering colors, unbelievably beautiful.

Hanging lights store the rays during the peak hours of sun and reflect them back when they are needed during the dimmer hours of the cycle. They glow, like your moon, only much brighter as they are designed to hold and store and then emit the light, not just reflect it.

The edifices are tall and the tops of them are woven and connected into the crystal pattern that is over the city. The roof or tower of the edifice you live in is designed to reflect the color ray you are working on at the time. We are in groups in our own place of residence, a series of rooms that are just for us. We have three colors of our own choosing in our home.

A large crystal wheel rolls slowly down an area and back, very leisurely. You may take a seat and effortlessly you arrive at your destination. We do not travel far from our abodes, only for special meetings.

We are clothed mostly in shimmering white as this can then absorb the colors of the prisms, much like the light globes. They absorb and store and so do our clothes. When we leave our particular edifice and go to another, we glow with our own color band. We turn the force to emit instead of absorb so we don’t reflect the color of the place we are visiting. Those who cannot do this yet show rainbow colors. They are not as advanced as we who are able to do this. It is a matter of the cycles. We have rest cycles here. The number of cycles one has evolved through determines their ability to do this. The highest cycle is the purple as stated before. My gold will transcend through a blending and fusing of green and then into blue and again will have to merge the blue and the pink of love to blend into purple. I have a long way to go to reach this color.

My name is Korlon and I am associated with Sananda (Jesus) at different times. He is remarkable and beautiful, a model for all to follow. He emits the most beautiful shade of purple, when he is with us; other times his white glow is what is seen and felt.

We do much experimenting with the light from prisms and the effect the sun’s rays have on all phases of life here. I am experimenting with a musical instrument called a galaxeon. The prisms reflect different colored lights which in turn activate certain tones producing beautiful sounds.

We teach our own particular subject in the Halls of Wisdom and also attend classes. At all times we are trying to help those on planet four. If we have a particular charge, such as I have you, we await an opportunity, are ever alert to an opportunity, for communication to further the education of planet four. At times we travel in our ships outside our solar system.

The experiences we have on the earth plane merely prepare us to be able to understand most all that goes on when we reach the stage of becoming teachers. That’s why reincarnation is necessary. One that chooses not to have many lives on the earth plane is not one able to help in the capacity we fill.

You see, it is not so much the experience “literally” on the earth plane as it is a curiosity about many things that equips one to be able to teach, lead and direct humanity from this side. It is not whether we were “hands on” scientists or “hammer swinging” architects or “concrete mixing” bridge builders. It is our ratio of pervasiveness of all realms of experience now that we are on this side.

By pervasiveness we mean our ability to “enter” the form of one on earth and experience what they are doing. For instance, we know what certain scientists are accomplishing because we saw to it that they are accomplishing it. Therefore, we know the end results before they do and can then simply pass this information on to those on the earth plane able to receive it.

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