Your Spiritual Journey – Planes 8 Through 12 & Beyond

The eighth plane is one of separation, similar to the sixth, where you are alone, but know that others of like mind are near. You feel comfortable with that thought, knowing that you will be reunited eventually, but also knowing that this is a necessary stage of being alone to synthesize and make future plans – map out your track, so to speak. It is not a feeling of loneliness as strong as the sixth plane was; in fact, it is quite exciting in its own way. Here they, the total complete seedcore with all the knowledge of all one hundred forty-four realities, synthesize and bring together (gather in or reap) all that is good and of benefit and discard the rest.

Many new ideas are forming because of your seventh plane term of service. Areas are seen and sensed that need to be improved. Old ideas are thrown off like totally changing your clothing. Nothing seems as it did just a short time ago. There is more, new and exciting more, out there. You have to search for it and you have to do it alone. Your aims, your goals, your focus is all on you, the personal you. You know, and feel secure in the knowledge that planet seven is helping others and that you are free to explore yourself with no guilty feelings of betrayal to others.

Life on the eighth planet is not very exciting, but neither is it boring. It is a stage of feeling confident in yourself, and your choices thus far. It is also a time to tie together loose ends and discard all previous ideas of happiness. What you thought would be the ultimate joy now seems quite childish, does it not? There is a supreme joy waiting up ahead and that is what the strategy must be, how to reach it.

You know now what you are capable of and what you have inside you to draw on. Your self-confidence increases and you make your stay on planet eight very productive and worthwhile until you’re ready to experience planet nine.

Planet eight has not many in it, planets nine and ten very few, eleven and twelve only a couple, who have a long wait ahead of them, except that because of compressed time they will not be aware of this. I know nothing of their existence, what their concepts and thought processes are. Those planes are just being formed. Those on ten, the experimental station, are doing the planning and experimenting and forming of eleven and twelve and a few have moved to them as the first inhabitants, but even so, constantly revert to ten to try something different and experiment to find a better way and form to express through on eleven and twelve.

Planet Number Nine
On planet nine they plan the rest of the journey similar to planet six. The process of synthesizing as done on planes six, nine and eleven are simply the two blending and becoming one on planet six, the one then welcomes all incarnations and stores and discards knowledge on planet nine; and on planet eleven, through with any experiments they planned and carried out on planet ten, they decide if theories were good or bad, etc. and on to twelve where they graduate. The oversoul’s trip through the planets is the same as the seedcore’s trip through earth’s inner planes. All schooling should follow the same pattern.

Planets Number Ten-Eleven-Twelve
After the human climbs past the level of nine, they still “reincarnate” but in a different form. They go through a stage of Evolvement of Light. This would planets 10-11-12. Planets 7-8-9 below this are accomplished with the colored auras. Planets 10-11-12 are that of light in all its stages of evolvement. Yes, light evolves also the same as humans do. After this is when you become a pure element that no longer has to incarnate in any form on the earth.

We are entities living on planets, but we are also pure elements of the sun. We will progress on in this manner, as a sub-atomic particle until we reach the central core. Here we will instigate life in a totally new solar system and begin the journey again as a small part of an individual manifested form. This may seem puzzling. We begin as a small part of the make-up of a human body. We progress through all the stages of growth of the manifested earth plane, as the thinking mechanism of divine mind that reincarnates each time. Then we progress through the unmanifested levels. At some points here we are back in the oversoul and on some levels we are separated, but always as a whole spark.

When we go beyond the twelfth level of the unmanifested mind dimension & planets of earth we are shattered again by the oversoul in the next solar system. This existence does not ever take on a manifested form, but we exist as the individual piece of thought of the Creator that we were throughout all the lives on the earth plane, both manifested and unmanifested. As we progress through this next solar system we continue with our duties of helping the unmanifested teachers still working on the earth plane. We are as their advisers, just as we have advisers from the next solar system beyond us. It is a continuing line of reaching back to help those beneath us in the
order of evolvement necessary to reach the central core.

As spoken of, here we start life over again in a system that is not even formed yet out of the hot gases that will eventually solidify and form a complete solar system of its own. It is continuously more beautiful as we continue to evolve. It gets very difficult to be able to explain our existence to those so far behind us. We thank you for this rare opportunity to explain how it works.

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