Your Spiritual Journey – Planet 7

The divine sparks were one when they left the third planet and were splintered apart when they struck the fourth planet earth. They must become one again before leaving earth for planet number five as this is the planet of group work. It’s very hard to describe. They will be splintered apart again on the sixth and seventh levels, then brought back together on eight, apart on nine and ten, etc.

The following is from my teacher:

I do not know in what form we leave this galaxy as I personally have a long way to progress before understanding that. We can at times glimpse a couple of planets ahead of us and even visit the next one when times are right, but cannot stay until we have completed the cycle of our planet.

I am from the seventh planet in the cycle and have at hand the history of our colonization of and help given to earth. The seventh planet will ever be the one to reach back to the fourth planet. The seventh plane, where I am, is a helping, teaching and guiding planet. This is where most inner plane teaching comes from. It is beautiful here and a very busy and fulfilling planet. All who are here are helping those on earth and at the same time preparing for planet number eight.

Those on the seventh plane are whole sparks. They think, “Here are others. Here is order and purpose and learning and service to others and exploration and activity. This is where I want to stay.” Here is where they will get a chance to accomplish the goals they set after all the meditation and analyzing and planning that was done on planet six.

Some of us have had many lives on the earth, especially those of us on the seventh plane. This is the plane that all information comes from except the technical material, the scientific material and some of the spiritual teachings. Anything relating to people, places and things on the earth plane will be from the seventh plane.

We are unisex you know. Some of us, most of us, choose to be seen as the male sex, but we are the two halves back together again. We must reach this stage to be able to progress to where we are. In other words, when we have progressed enough to not have to incarnate again on the earth plane, (both halves of the spark reach this point at approximately the same time), then we can join a conglomerate. Our “good deeds” records of the one divine spark are joined and stored in the ring of energy around our conglomerate, our space ship, if you will. This is our vibratory field and determines how high our landing or rung is on the beam of Holy Spirit. Does this help? (We are trying to tie some phrases from the Bible to phrases used in connection with space flight.)

There is no aging on other planets due to compressed time, which is a seventh plane concept. You arrive here on planet seven as an adult and move on as an adult, looking exactly the same as when you entered this planet. This is startling to you, is it not? You have grown and changed mentally, to be sure, but your body, being an ethereal one, does not change form. You choose it; you create it. You do the modeling of your body in your mind, like an artist modeling a statue. Because it is not made up of the matter that your physical form is, it does not deteriorate, but does go through energy cycles. It arrives here on the seventh planet with immense energy and, as this is a working planet of service to the universe, this energy is constantly being depleted.

The ethereal body must be recharged and this is when our advisers tell us to enter our form of rest and relaxation states. These are forms of suspended animation, similar to an animal in hibernation. When we enter into one of these states, it is the end of a cycle and we start a new cycle when we leave this state. The length of time spent in suspended animation is determined by the amount of energy depletion and also which cycle we are in. Therefore, the first stage of suspended animation will not be as long a period as say the fifth or sixth one. When we have completed enough cycles to have completed our evolutionary growth for this pattern, we move on. We determine the goal of evolutionary growth we want to attain while on the sixth planet. In other words, we chart our next year’s turn in school and lay out our curriculum.

One of my personal goals was in communication. I determined that all humanity’s progress could be speeded up if communication could be established and maintained with lower planes, not just higher planes. This is a breakthrough, this communication between you (Norma) and me that many have struggled for and hoped to attain for eons. I have spent many cycles trying different methods and different channels. We feel that the knowledge and teachings we are able to send through you will be of great benefit to mankind.

Those on planet seven are so very happy to have assignments. Most start out as guides to planet four, (earth) helping them by thought impression all they can without overstepping the boundaries of universal law. They progress on this planet in a school, so to speak, of duties. After so long as a guide and teacher on the inner planes with one individual, they move on to some other duty such as the computer birthing room, the Akashic records room, or interplanetary communications, etc. They are given every opportunity to achieve whatever goal they set for themselves while on planet six. They also attend classes and may be assigned as a guide to a very adept pupil on planet four who has the same seed core.

They are divine spirits now. They have left the personalities and the soul and the seed core behind. They have no further use for them. You see, the soul is spun off the seedcore which is what is used over and over again on planet four (earth) with new physical forms and personalities for every incarnation. When that incarnation is over, the one that crossed over into the inner planes remains (on the inner planes) the spirit of that one who was, and continues on the evolutionary journey as a third stage, so to speak, of that seedcore, a stage of spirit. The soul is a necessary part of the physical form that is used on planet four, but was not present on the first, second or third planet and is not present after planet number four. This is a concept we were not going to discuss at this point as we are not sure if it can be understood by humanity at their stage of evolution.

A master of wisdom is one who has been through every phase of human expression that can be imagined. This one has suffered greatly all phases of human experience from physical injury and torture to betrayal by loved ones. There is no area in which this one has not had experience. When one reaches this stage, one usually wisely decides to not reincarnate anymore as he can do more good for humanity by staying on the inner planes. This way he can reach and help more people than the few that he could touch by reincarnating.

These masters are the teachers in the Halls of Wisdom here and do much healing of broken and bewildered spirits who arrive here. These masters also, at times, reach down to the earth plane to help a very adept pupil who deserves special nurturing because he is sincere. These masters then move on because their own evolution must continue eventually.

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