Your Spiritual Journey – Planets 5 & 6

Planet (Plane) Five
When the twin is found, you plus your twin spark, plus all the learning of each one’s former incarnations, progress to the fifth plane for healing and preparation for the rest of the journey. When you move on from earth’s plane to the next, you will be in a loving, protected atmosphere of healing and learning. This fifth planet is a very restful, peaceful, healing group experience. All twin sparks have been found and the sparks are united again, not only with each other, but with all other sparks. (This is the planet [plane] that would come the closest to what humanity thinks of as “heaven,” as the rejoining your maker, etc.) It is truly a healing and joyous time, but is certainly not the end of the line, by no means. The journey has just started.

Planet five is a beautiful plane. All are together, and experience a terrific feeling of well-being and wholeness. Each divine spark is in thought-form. There is much work on individual attitudes and why they had thought that being separated from each other would be a good experience and finding out that it wasn’t and that they were very happy to be rejoined with each other. There is no pain or illness or frustration and no ego problems or timid souls. All are equal in a way they never can be at all on earth. There is no difference in sexes.

As you climb the twelve divisions of level five, you come more in tune with your twin and eventually join in soul and body cooperation. Your twin, your guide, is inside you; it is your higher mind which you reach at level five consciousness. It begins to be able to influence your daily life with good, positive thoughts. You then merge with the Oversoul (which is the mind of the Creator) on the true fifth dimension, the ethereal realm of five, for a healing. This healing manifests itself on the earth plane as a happy, loving part of the all, a feeling of being one with the Creator and loving everyone and everything. This is where most people stop their growth. They believe they have perfected themselves and quit. This is the “heaven” that the churches teach is our goal.

Also, from level one of planet five on you can reach records of other incarnations that you have had. Even though the last time you were there was from a less evolved pass of the Oversoul, you can still tap into the records. For instance, if you had been an artist, you’ll suddenly find the doodling you do while talking on the phone becoming very good drawings, much to your surprise. Your guide, your twin will encourage you to explore this area a little further. Or perhaps you had been a lumberjack and had been killed by a falling tree. You might also tap into this memory, but your guide will try to steer you away from this unless he thinks that reliving this experience will help you in some way this time.

When each divine spark feels rested and happy and healed and feels it has really accomplished something, looking back over its long term on earth, it begins to get bored and that same old thought strikes. “There must be more to life than all this happiness and well-being.” This boredom drives it from its safe, restful haven of the fifth planet and sends it to the sixth. The evolutionary stay on the fifth planet is not as long as on others.

Planet (Plane) Six
If one perseveres he will then enter the sixth plane. This is usually caused by frustration after realizing that the feeling of oneness on plane five wasn’t quite as fulfilling as you thought. The sixth planet is a very necessary splintering classroom again, probably the next most difficult after planet earth. You find yourself going off alone, leaving those with whom shortly before you felt so much communion with, be it study groups, cults, churches or whatever, and exploring all kinds of ideas that are new for you. You don’t need to have anyone else because you and your twin are one by this time and you feel very whole when alone and very secure in your spiritual understanding.

The sixth planet is very beautiful, but all are alone. They cannot see or sense each other; they are totally alone. They have a beautiful environment, but no one to talk to about it. They have plenty of food which they partake of alone. They, if they could see themselves, are in beautiful etheric bodies, but it makes no difference as there is no one to see them. Their seedcore knows by instinct and intuition that there is no joy if it cannot be shared with others.

If they thought they were lonely on earth, they did not know what loneliness was. This is loneliness. Even though the twin sparks are not separated here, they realize that having each other and being whole that way is not enough. They, the whole divine spark, male and female together, realize they want others around to share this beauty and abundance.

The foliage is lush and green. Although the climate is very hot, one can cool off under the shade of the trees by a beautiful waterfall. There are huge vines with big clumps of fruit, delicious to eat, but there seems to be nothing to do, no purpose, no pain, no goals. They begin to feel, “What am I doing here? Is this all there is, this paradise with nothing to do but sit around in beauty all day? There must be more!”

They, as a whole being and by now a very intelligent, thinking and reasoning being, begin to wonder if this or if that were to take place what would the result be. They then begin to plan what they would do if only there were others around to do it with. They think, “If only I could try this experiment or bounce this idea off someone else. I wonder if it would work.” They experiment, refine, plan and suddenly they need to discuss these ideas with others and find themselves wanting to share what they have learned. They plan the next stage of lessons and things they want to accomplish. As they continue and move on to planet seven, they realize they need to do something to help others. They set the goals they want to try to help universal life be improved. All this is done, has to be done, before the whole spark can move on to planet seven.

To relate this to earth plane life perhaps you decide you want to return to college or something. Each one will have their turn at the fountain inside them. What they do with it is what determines the growth period for that lifetime. Their turn at the fountain, this contact with the inner plane guides and teachers, will last for a period of years. The entity will become stabilized, will become loving and will become a server of humanity.

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