Your Spiritual Journey – the Beginning Steps

The process of channeling is your spiritual journey. The minute the thought strikes that you know all you need to know and you truly feel satisfied and knowledgeable, your growth and evolvement stops. The thought, “There must be more than this,” is the only way to progress. You must tell yourself that even though you understand spiritual concepts at the level where you are, you know that you really don’t have the whole answer. You know there is a deeper understanding. When you reach this point of thinking and persevere you will have a breakthrough into reaching your inner being.

Planet Number One

The first crack in a person’s seed core is the most important, because this must take place before any other steps can follow. It takes different forms for some than others. In some it is precipitated by an accident to the physical body. In others it is brought on quickly by a mental blow of some sort, a divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, betrayal by a friend, etc. In others it is a long slow process of deterioration, not only of the physical body, but also of the mental boredom that triggers the crack in the seed core as a life-saving maneuver, instigated by a person’s own soul. This first step has no other duty but is the most important.

Then there comes a quickening in the thinking processes, including the emergence of a stronger curiosity about life in general. This involves much activity in a person’s conscience, which is the first stage of raising your consciousness or awareness of what has transpired in your life thus far, especially in your relationships with other people. You are by now well into your spiritual search.

Next, you find yourself involved in a furious seeking of information through any means available, books, lectures, classes, other people, audio and video cassettes and CD’s, etc. When you have exhausted all these outer sources, this will be the true beginning of your inner search. With no concrete answers that you can fully accept, being disappointed with other people’s ideas and viewpoints, and having exhausted most available reading material, you will finally turn to yourself in seeking your answers, to the first place you should have looked to start with, your own university inside yourself.

Planet Number Two

The study in your own university will take many different forms, meditation, reflection, regression and expression. Meditation is just sitting quietly and listening to the little voice within you. Reflection should be done before you drop off to sleep, reviewing the day’s events. Another step would be just plain study on all phases of the search that interests you and drawing conclusions as to what you feel are truths for you and those that you are questioning, plus the continued deep searching of your own attitudes.

Study in one’s own university should also be through expressing, creatively, some of your inner ideas. This is one of the first steps to finding your God Within, but a very important step and must take place before any more progress can begin. This wanting to express outwardly what one feels to be true inwardly is a step towards the goal for humanity, reaching your inner being.

The major subjects in each university are attitudes and human relationships with the ultimate goal being a degree in attitudes, the science of facing one’s self truthfully. Because each has free will to set his own pace of growth in his own university, he can dally and tarry all he wants. After all, he is not only the student, but also the teacher and the administrator of the testing needed to progress on.

Planet Number Three

The astral plane is the area where you can make contact with relatives and friends who have passed on. About the time I realized I could get answers to personal questions was the time when I had worked back to a low level of the astral plane. The information started becoming glamorous because entities from this area of the astral plane were able to come through the writing. They gave false personal information and caused me much harm and held back my growth. I simply didn’t trust the information I was getting. I was still a little scared and unsure of the whole business of channeling. I used to destroy some of the early communications so no one would think I was crazy. I stopped writing for a time and returned to music and eventually after more study and meditation and work on my attitudes I returned to the writing.

When I was safely through this stage and started writing again it was as though I were doing journalistic reporting. I was always told to what plane or dimension I had been taken to get certain information. The feeling in my head was brought to my attention, as to whether it felt heavy or clear headed, or even light headed at times. I realize now that this was for my protection and to assure me that I was not in contact with the astral plane again.

It must be explained here that the astral plane is backwards from the earth’s twelve planes because it is a reflection. The first point of contact will be level twelve. The person must continue climbing the astral plane, which is going backwards from level twelve to level three until he breaks free to the fourth plane. Here accredited teachers and guides are waiting to help him, and most often do pull him through the traps of the astral plane and help him find his God Within.

The astral plane is the part of the path that is the reason the churches are so against the inner contact, or channeling. No one understood this astral plane and it was thought that delving into the inner life caused one to go mad and that it was satanic and the work of the devil. It was forbidden and discouraged and all growth towards truly finding their inner being was stunted.

Those in the higher planes are so very grateful to finally be able to explain this to humanity by the grace of a few brave souls willing to put this information out there. The process is becoming easier for people just beginning to channel, because it was not truly understood before.

Planet Number Four

After working through the astral plane, the process of channeling, which is our esoteric or spiritual journey, works its way up through twelve dimensions hand in hand with our exoteric, physical growth through the twelve dimensions of the brain. As given before, there is no contact available with the first two levels or dimensions as they have been closed off to humanity. Therefore, after skipping levels one and two and working through level three and then the astral plane, our first breakthrough into the second mind section, the lower right side of the brain, is made. This is where true esoteric contact begins. What has come before this has been psychic phenomena contact.

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